Saturday, September 06, 2008

B's on a Friday!!!

B is for my brother’s billboard. Again, not that it’s his first. The first one was for the ABE TVC he did before. Funny how I asked Mike before to take a photo of the said billboard for me since he was the one passing along Edsa every single working day (I’m talking about the time when he was still employed for Intel and I just started for my current) and when I saw the said thing myself, oh why it was installed along next to POEA which is just very near my office. Haha!!

Well anyways, once upon a bloghopping I stumbled upon this anonymous “model” who claims that it’s too tacky for persons in their field to collect mementos of their so-called achievements. She’s speaking like it’s just normal for their faces to be plastered all over magazines, billboards, etc. Personally I think it’s hypocrisy. I mean, if you’re in that field whose means of earning income is by taking advantage of your beautiful face then you might as well keep track of those (even just a softcopy for crying out loud!!) and consider them your milestones. Right?? Heck when I saw my name and picture in one of the local newspapers showed to me by my classmate, I begged for him to just give me the copy. :P That long page of newspaper might have turned yellow already but yes, I’m still keeping it safe in a cabinet along with my diplomas and other important documents. :P

As for my brother, yeah he keeps those mags with him in it. He takes shots during TVC shoots and I don’t see anything wrong with that. I even remembered him telling me that his lead girl in one of his past TVCs even took a shot of her with the MRT in the background. The said train was fully covered in green with their print for a bubble gum TVC. Remember the one with Lem in it?? ;-) Now the girl is already famous after winning a modeling search and is starting a career in showbiz. I’ve always liked her. :)

Well actually Lem doesn’t have to sweat it out coz the big sis already took it upon herself to keep a record. Haha!! In fact, I’m this close to posting an album of his projects (since achievements sounds like arrogance on my part :P) in Multiply. Hehe. I just don’t have the time. :P So after like four paragraphs (haha!!), yeah I give you the billboard. :P Pardon the lame shot, it just happened on a tardy Friday this morning and I remembered about Lem’s news on his billboard. Lucky me always ready with my camera asked the driver to slow down so I can take a shot. :P They asked him to keep those stubble - hmm I didn't like it. Oh well, directions are directions. :P

B is for Brian’s treat. :D This is already his last week here in the Phils.:( He’ll be leaving in Tuesday. :( :( :( I had to finish a report for the day so I asked the guys to wait for me. To my disappointment, I passed by their room and they already left without me. Disconsolate, I packed my things and headed straight to the gym ignoring their texts to just follow in Italianni’s. (Drama queen that I am!!) I was already half-dressed for my work-out when I received a call from him!!! :D Haha!! And that explains the work-out jacket for the dinner. :P

The Korean engineers with the yuppies of HHP. :P

B is for Body Jam!! Yes I didn't forget about the gym. Even with the air-conditioner dysfunction and the group ex room fast becoming like a sauna, I persevered dancing til the end. I loved the mix of the jam that night, lotsa jumping and stomping!! Whew, such passion!! :P

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