Friday, March 23, 2007

Proofs of Mic Hogging

Thought that I might put these short clips into good use. That is, by posting here. Hehe.
This recounts one of the happiest days I had here with Intel, the Assembly Engineering Summer Outing in Coco Laiya, Batangas. I'll surely miss these guys.

Proof #1: Ok, not that bad. Sing and dance Heaven is A Place On Earth on a moving bus. :)

Proof # 2: My goodness! For the umpteenth song, you are still holding that damn mic? And what's up with that Total Eclipse Of The Heart? Do you seriously think you can hit that high-pitched song?

Oh and you shouldn't have missed that part when Allen got frustrated on taking the mic away from me. ;)

Proof # 3: Finally, arriving at the site. Guess, who's still on the mic? ;)

It's no other than, the Queen of Mic herself. Hahaha!! =D

Now, anyone who's up for a videoke session with me?

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