Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Joys of Singlehood: Dates and Parties

The date was with the heartthrobs: Piolo and Sam!! üüü I was with, of course Lisa who was wearing an ensemble that is fresh from the mall. Hehe. As you may very well expect, I’m out of my voice due to screeching so just let me give you a brief account of what happened.

The place was not that jam packed (whew, thanks!). Lisa and I decided to buy tickets in the patrons since we’ve already had rubbed elbows with Sam and had pictures with him before. Hehe. I was expecting to like Piolo more after but I don’t know why my level of fondness for him just raised up a little. Sam was a bit under the weather but he managed to give a good performance (especially with that funny Butchikik song). ü What’s sweet was when he answered an avid fan screaming I love you out of silence with a touching “I love you too”. Awww Sam, I love you, I miss you and everything else in between. ü

As always, I won’t get away with this section without showing my outfit for the night. So, here I am in my all cam-whore glory as captured by my brother’s Cybershot:

Laidback Stunner

Just please allow me to describe the pieces ‘coz when I pulled them off together, I was only able to utter to myself, “And who would’ve thought, this is how the pieces fit?” Wahaha!!
The Guess halter was from way back 3rd year college which I got for sale but would you believe it? That was the very first time I used it. Haha! Sometimes it’s really good to keep unused clothes even for a long time.:D The skinny jeans as I’ve mentioned was a follow-up from my first last time in Fab finds (if you may recall) and lastly the sleek peep-toes. Sexy? Yes. Stunning? Very! =P

The show got us starving so off we went to Greenbelt for some fine dining at Italianni’s. We filled our stomach’s desires with their new palatable Grilled Fish Pasta and paired it up with their Italian classic pizza. Al dente! So with restored energy and hip costumes, what better way to end the night but by, PARTAY-ING!!

And no, our attires are not suited for Greenbelt alone so must make it to where the über-cute guys are: Embassy @ The Fort! Woohoo!! Never have I felt the night before so I was dancing, uhhmm a little unusual. Not that wild though, I just really have to burn the carbs we guzzled a while ago. So guess who got a dance partner first? Moi! Haha! But to my dismay, he was an Indian! Ok, for the record I don’t have anything against Indians. (Hi Bimal!:) I have always admired their beautiful eyes. The guy’s even good-looking I may say. But it’s just that the last time I was there, a guy from same race also approached me and I ignored him. (Oops, my bad!) All this made me flashback and remember 1st yr college when my classmate Sandesh wanted to court me. So does this make me an Indian apple of the eye? Haha. Kiddin’.

So back to the scene, I must say the way he approached me was lousy. He just came out of nowhere and offered me with this drink he was holding to which I adamantly said no. I don’t want to be that rude to turn him down when he said that oh-so-used-up-line “can we dance?” so I agreed hesitatingly. But the thing is, he wants us to dance REAL close so I had to maneuver and slowly detach from him. But to tell you for the short time we’re dancing I was like glancing at Lisa once in a while expressing “Girl, you only taught me how to make eye contact, but you didn’t tell me how to say no.” Haha! Also, what made me dislike him is because there was this cute tall guy I was eyeing who is already coming close when he came. *sigh*

Obvious that I don’t feel him, he made an excuse for the men’s room so we rushed to the right side of the floor where Lisa finally met a partner Peter. Well I’m glad coz he’s not making me feel left out so after solo-ing Lisa for a while he also danced with me. I don’t know what’s with him coz all the time he was whispering to me, “You’re so sexy.” and shouting “Go KC, go sexy!”. But all that didn’t make me feel uncomfortable towards him since he’s nice and gentleman and protective and all. (Except that thing when he wiped my sweaty face with his fingers, I mean, duh what’s that for?) And oh yeah he served a good guard against the Indian who’s still lingering around.

So when Peter was away, thank God Lem came. (Yep, he was there too.) I told him of my predicament so he stayed with us for a while. And boy was I moved when he had to leave and told me “Oi, ingatan mo yang jacket mo!” (He was reminding me to wear my jacket outside). Ain’t my brother thoughtful? Hehehe.

I was already feeling cramps in my feet (so you can just imagine how I danced the whole morning, haha) so we headed outside for a sip of coffee. Lem followed making an excuse to his friends that he will be watching over his Ate. Awww. So the topic for that morning is tips how to avoid unwanted dance partners in the floor. Haha! Shortly, his friends came. Joseph from the HnS TV ad with Angel (he’s so cute :) and another model which makes me connected to them by less than 6 degrees. Plus, introducing us to some friends in the show industry. Aaah, the advantage of having a renowned relative. ;-)

Some pics @ the coffee shop:

Before I use to hate it when they say that I look like a party girl (from college days to work days), because I certainly am not. I always excuse myself that maybe they’re just saying it because of the clothes I wear. I mean, yeah they’re for parties but I still manage to make them look suited for wherever I’m going. Though I acknowledge sometimes I do dress up way off, hihi. It even came to a point where one time, I told Mike that I was wearing a simple outfit for a day and he said “Teka lang ha, medyo iba kasi ang definition ng simple para sayo eh.” Haha! Well, that night, I saw a lot of my clothes worn by other ladies. As in! So now, I’m stepping into the limelight and wholeheartedly accepting my title as an official party girl. Wahaha!! And with the urban region becoming my work area for the next month, let me paint the town red and welcome Friday night-outs galore. Woohoo!!!

Up to now I’m still basking in the afterglow of the events. I can’t remove this wide smile on my face whenever I recall the moments. I relished every morsel of it. True, I may not have met someone special during the night. But with all these fun a single girl can have, now tell me who needs a man? Shew!!! :D

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