Friday, March 16, 2007

Cheers To These Women!!

March is International Women’s Month. When I saw this post from Ala Paredes (this girl rocks!)I said to myself: “No, I will not clone the thought just to have something to post.”

But on one restless Friday night (Mar. 9 to be specific), I realized that there are a lot of women surrounding me that are worth saluting for who they are. My readers deserve to know how I value and treasure them and they are: (drumroll…)

1. My Good Ole Best Friend Mae Ann Mationg de Leon. My besty from grade school to 3rd year college. We initially became close because of the Carpenters. I can still remember during Sundays in our church when we will eagerly report to each other that we heard this-and-that song of Karen C in the radio. Haha! Back then, we were so excited becoming really connected by blood that we are seeking relatives per side who are conjugally connected to the other side. Later on and I think it’s in the same span of time, we accidentally fell head-over-feet for each other’s cousins but apparently none of that worked out. But it’s ok ‘coz she’s happily married now to Vic in Bahrain! :) Anyway, what’s so admiring about her is her forte in music. Bow! You know the thing like, she’s just watching how her Ate plays the piano for some time and then poof! She already knows how to play it by herself. No formal tutorial at all and that’s no exaggeration! Same holds true when she learned how to play the guitar (as an effect of Eraserheads), the drums (of course care of Karen C), violin (as influenced by the Corrs) and the harmonica (the Alanis Morisette fever!) I’ve seen her gone through all of those fads. She’s a music icon! My number one influence not only in music but in everything. My winning piece in English composition way back 4th yr high school was all about her. :) Mae, I also long for those times chatting in your room every Saturday and singing with you in the piano. Please arrange your sked and visit me here sometime and hopefully we can touch base with each other. Ayt? ;)

2. My College Confidante Shiela Amor Julian. My twin tower! A woman of responsibility and maturity. I have a high regard for how she sticks to her standards and points of view. You cannot easily convince her. You know what? We even argued and got into some sort of mild war I think twice because of her stubbornness. Harhar! Kiddin’. It’s awe-inspiring how she successfully handled a very big organization like IECEP as a president and managed also her studies (Ok, that explains our 4.0 in Design, haha!). I don’t know much about her corporate life now but with her wisdom and experience, there’s no doubt that she’ll climb up that corporate ladder. Xie, I think this already serves a good testi for you. Haha! When will I hear the wedding bells? ;)

3. My Super Friend Lisa Marie Diaz. She’s Super S and I’m Super T. Yikes! Hehe. We clicked because of our must I say ka-jologs-an in life. Haha! Every commercial jingle and hit radio chorus, name it and we’ll sing it. It’s peculiar that this snob-looking true-blooded Green Archer actually knows those stuffs! But seriously, and to this I’ll give a big sigh, it’s unbelievable how her module (the heart) is still statistically stable and capable of producing so much output (love) despite of the errors and downtimes (hurt and pain) incurred. I think EATS will still give a 100% yield. Very stable. Haha! How about some Intel terminologies back there! Haha! I can only but admire her subtle sensitivities when it comes to other person’s feelings. My mentor when it comes to luring boys on parties, haha! You go, girl! Lisa, I have nothing to wish for you but a happy lovelife.

4. My Twin Sister Kristine Joy Padua. Ok, I’m Pelayo and she’s Padua. But in so many ways except genetically we are undeniably TWINS!! Would you believe that we’ve known each other for just 1.5 years? And yet I feel deep within that I’ve known her all my life. Haayy Joy, what will I ever do without you? I think God purposely crossed our roads to encourage and strengthen one another because of the similar tragedies we’ve gone through. Same with Mae, we would like to formalize our being sisters. So, she’s pairing me up with her younger brother Glenn and little does she know, I’m building her up also to my Kuya. Wahaha!! :D The Diskarte Queen, this girl can definitely survive in an island or even the blows of life itself equipped with just her practicality and sensible know-hows. Amazing! My ultimate shopping buddy, you can get tips from her how to best bargain in a tiangge. And she’s the best medical kit you’ll ever have with her ever hilarious sense of humor. After all, laughter is the best medicine. Right? ;) Have I also mentioned that I’m also a fan of her golden voice? ;) The only friend I know who can reach Sarah’s, Regine’s and Whitney Houston’s notes. At times, we fantasize of working together in comedy bars as total performers (sing, dance and do comedy as well, hehe). As long as she takes care of the higher notes, I’ll be in charge of the second voice. Haha! Gurloo, can’t wait for the time when we will be finally moving together in a condo. Aaah, exciting! Love yah! ;)
5. My 2nd mother Tita Millet. She’s the woman responsible for what and who Joy is today. The very fact that I’m proud of Joy makes me no less than adore her also for upbringing them. It’s truly an honor to meet a brave woman like you Tita. How you dealt with all the hardships in life as you always story tell to me is worth recognizing. You’re truly an inspiration. God knows how much you’ve been through and He really is not unrighteous to forget how we apply all the things we learn in the Bible. On the lighter side, you must see also how she acts childishly just to amuse us. So very much like Joy! Tita, I’ll repay all your kindness to me sometime. I promise :)

6. My Best Aunt Tita Precy. After describing 5 wonderful women, I think I already ran out of words to describe her. Let me just paint for you the picture. After Lola died, she being single, was left to take care of our epileptic uncle Willy and our other mentally retarded uncle Bong. Of course, there’s still the financial and moral support given from our family and the others. But with a hectic schedule at work and a small business at home, she was able to do all that. I mean, who can ever execute that? A superwoman! I can also help but feel for the loneliness she’s feeling now being an old maid. Tita, I hope you can read this but you know you’re still my favorite Tita and I hope I’m still your favorite “bruhang pamangkin” even with the presence of Gian. Move ka na kasi dito sa house namin. Promise, if I’ll stay single din I will take care of you.

7. My Superb Mom Corazon Pelayo. Mama and I share a different kind of relationship. As opposed to what is expected, we’re not close even if I’m the only daughter. She’s even closer to Tita than to me. We used to argue a lot on everything maybe because of the very big communication and personality gap. There’s a whole bunch of everything about her that I don’t totally comprehend, one of which is money matters. But all of that doesn’t make her not as much noteworthy for being a great mom. That’s the reason why I’m always striving for her to become proud always in my graduation days. I only came to understand her financial sensibility when I was in college. Before I just use to complain on how she handles the income. (She’s so frugal you know.) It turns out that all I needed was to finish my Taxation class to fully understand her. Hehe. Now, slowly we’re patching things up. I now have a say on expenditures at home since I’m contributing to the bills payment, hehe. I appreciate her utmost concern in accompanying me to pick-up point for work every morning (5 AM). Not every mom gets to do it for her daughter. One thing that I will truly not question to her is her BEAUTY!! Of which I was not able to get any part of, hehe. As much as possible, I want her to maintain that beauty and age gracefully. And I hope it’s possible even if she’s very hard-working and hands-on as a housewife. Nevermind Ma, I’ll buy you the most expensive and effective beauty products to preserve that beautiful face. I know you want nothing but the best for me. I know deep inside you want me to work abroad but I don’t want to leave you either specially with the 2 bugoys Kuya and Lem. I know I haven’t really said I love you at all but you know naman I do, deep inside.

Need a tissue? Come on girls, I pulled off all the adjectives I know in the wee hours of the morning (1am – 4 am to be exact). No need for thanks. I truly appreciate and adore you all. This is just an effect of having no lovelife at all. Hahaha!!! Cheers to you and to all the outstanding women out there!! ;-)

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