Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Recollecting a Happy Feeling - Dancing :) ++

Last Saturday, I was elated to see Janet Jackson’s All For You in MTV. It was right after the cable was installed. (Yeah, after what seemed like an eternity of switching between 2 channels we finally got our cable back!) The song reminded me of our presentation for IECEP as representatives of Sports Committee. I was dancing with my goody good friends Xiela, Mark, Michael and Melvin. :D (Wait a sec, KC dancing? That is so unheard of!) Haha! I was trying to recall the kulit choreography our com head Michael formulated for it. They’re so funny! Haha! And just so you know, we even danced it all the way to the Manila Hotel, baby! Right Xie? ;) (Btw, Xie is the best when it comes to dancing :) I felt so fulfilled right after the performance. I’m even proud to say I didn’t forget all the steps and managed a few minor mistakes. I don’t know but aside from singing, I really fancy dancing also. I know I’m not that good but to tell you what, I have this secret fantasy. And that is, to be able to sing & dance, I repeat, sing & dance any of these two songs in front of a crowd: Aaliyah’s Try Again and/or Britney’s I’m A Slave For You! Just those two! So capricious! Haha! I take so much joy daydreaming about it: that means me in a headset microphone and sporting an outfit similar to their video (showing the abs) plus the same steps and the back-up dancers… Aaaah, it’s Divine! Haha! And the crowd loving the show…Snap! Oops, reality check, impossible! Stop the dreaming! Hehe..But to tell you, I’m still so not over it. Hehe..

+ Random:
Have you seen Justin T’s What Goes Around video? Aaah, you better watch it. (Sensual Scarlett Johansson is so gorgeous here.) It will make you appreciate the song more. I didn’t like the song at first because you know, it sounds like Cry Me A River. But later on you’ll feel it. He really never disappoints me in his videos with his astig moves and gestures. If you really know me, you know why some songs are so damn important to be posted here in my blog. Yep, I’m attached because it somehow relates to my previous experiences. And if you’re a keen observer, you’ll notice that most of the songs here are about love. After that downright heart wrenching goodbye song of Someday by Nina, I guess this should now be the spirit. So I’m dedicating this song to you know who you are. But I’d rather not make a video for it this time as I can’t visualize a concept. =P

Ruffles, ruffles..I’m seeing you everywhere. Must I include you in my choice of bikini just to be in the trend? Oh, that will be a new style. Hehehe…

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