Monday, March 12, 2007


(This was supposed to be put up last week but blame it on Big Bro’s gimmick! ;)

First of all, let it be known that I am a certified kapamilya!! And hail ABS for producing this phenomenon!

It’s not a hyperbole to say that the whole Philippines got smitten on this one. But honestly before when it comes to local reality shows, I was very cynical about it. I mean what the heck? Who would buy in to those kinds of programs?

But the Padua’s residence back there in Laguna was a good influence. They made me see the fun and beauty of it. And so, who would’ve taught that the ever-skeptic would turn out to be a total fan? Later on, I just found myself hooked in front of the TV during their timeslots. Talking ‘bout going gaga over Sam Milby on Season 1, how Roxanne’s kaartehan in Celebrity edition is getting into my nerves and lastly, avidly following Gerald and Kim’s love story in the Teen edition. (I even searched for all their kilig moments in Youtube back at work you know! :D)

And now, that the housemates are all complete this 2nd season, no more half-baked stories for me. ‘Coz I’m going to track it from the very beginning ‘til the end. Haha! Why? It’s because of the GUYS!! :D Hey Mickey you’re so kind, you’re so kind you blow my mind! Bruce faced the hardest time you can imagine and Robert, oh Robert with your megawatt smile that I can’t smile without you. Need I say more? * wink wink* With that, I can only bid good luck to myself for the late airtime and early schedule of work. :D

Not only that, the pessimist would also want to be a housemate, bwahaha!! I’m confident that my life story will qualify. Oh you think you know me baby, but you don’t. You definitely don’t! =P

Once again, kudos Endemol and ABS! :)

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