Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Must Love Dogs with Eight Below

A weeper! I was crying like a baby the whole time I'm seeing the Siberian Huskies alone in the Antarctic wilderness. (I think I ran out of Kleenex too! ;)
It breaks my heart to see them surviving on their own without no one taming them.

Awww, I really love dogs! As an aftermath of the flick, I took my poodle Choi Choi with me last Sunday night to return the VCDs. That's the farthest I went with any of my pooches via commuting. * wink wink*

Speaking of which, I was pissed off last time I went out and saw some askal dogs being used by syndicates for begging alms. You know those with baskets carried through their mouth and tied to their neck? To my readers, please don't see it as being cute or amusing and give something to those sleazebags! Just imagine yourself on the animal's position, isn't it a torture? Poor dogs!

No to animal abuse, PLEASE!!!

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