Monday, March 05, 2007


In the mall:
a. Guess body bag. I think I’ve had enough of those totes, hobos, buckets, pouches, speedy, alma, lockit, papillons (haha! As if I can afford those bags from LV!) and less of this. I just realized that this is the perfect bag for traveling. I decided to go for a Lacoste but instead I found this one and got it for only 1.1k.

b. Skinny jeans. Best for night-outs coz all you need is a simple top and you’ll already look ! Perfect also for flip-flops, flats and feef-toes (hehehe). Love the fit even if with not-so-skinny legs like mine. For a price of Php400, I think I’m gonna need another one ;)

c. Flats. Having spent much on the bag + the jeans, I decided to abstain from the deed when I passed by the mall and found them. [Knock, knock! How can you desist when you keep on going to the mall?] Oh please, tell me, they’re IRRESITABLE! Right? The butterfly design + the color + they have my size (which is a very odd thing in this world considering it’s a closed shoe) + the discount from Php280 to Php230. You’ll have to agree with me. It’s ! When I wore it in the office, no one was appreciating it until I came home and Tita Millet super duper loved it. She even asked me to buy a pair for her. Before I used to revel on sky-scraping licensed-to-kill stilletos, wedges, platforms, pumps and the like but now I totally dig these pieces and I think I wanna add more on to these:

Segue: Because of the very rare thing that I own things of this color, I made it memorable the day I used it. So I asked my super friends @ work to wear citrus punch to celebrate the day I first wore the shoes and here’s a memento:

(uhmm, you’re not really expecting the shoes included ryt? Hehe ;)

d. Baggy Bag. For my kikay readers, I don’t think I have to explain why I picked this one. Believe me; I’ve seen a lot of those eyes expressing 'ang-cute-ng-bag-nya' whenever it’s hung on my shoulder. Scarf not included for a price of Php230 but gotta embrace that Lindsay Lohan’s style girl! Sometimes I feel so guilty because of this:

Why? Because I feel that my first love BLUE is making tampo na because I buy less of ‘em. So to my dearest BLUE, please understand. It’s not that I love PINK more but it’s just that we have less of you in the trend. :( I’ll make up to you sometime, ok?

In the video rental:

John Tucker Must Die! Oh, how I heart you Jesse Metcalfe. Nice song also, I want you to want me. Trivia: Did you know that I once called up on RX and dedicated that song for a special someone along with a special message? Juicy, huh!

Food Section:

Yeah! My very first taste of America’s number one doughnuts! I was having a hard time picking from a lot of their sinful variety @ the Mega when I turned to my left and saw a familiar person. Yep, I was ordering side by side with Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar. So as not to make it look like a delaying tactic (since she’s with an unidentified girl, nyahaha!), I hurriedly picked up 3 flavors and rushed to the counter. Not bad eh? (Yah, I’m officially adopting this eh thing from Xiela, hehe). Took them home and let these cartoon flick tell you the story.

Glazed lemon filled, chocolate ice custard and original glazed! Aaaayylaaaaveeeeeeeeeeeettt!!! :) :) :) Definitely worth that hard-to-burn extra calories, haha!!

That has been it for my article today. This is your fab guide KC and I’ll see you next time for another round of updates for anything , fun and for us, US GIRLS! Should F be more suited? Whatever! Adios! ;)

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kikayness ever, bongga! perfect! haha!