Friday, March 02, 2007


I admit. This post is quite late for the news. But they're everywhere! Newspaper, TV, radio and even on blogs too!

<-- Britney goes bald
Shaky marriage of Kris & James -->

My two-cents on the above photos? Money can't REALLY buy everything!

Sidetrack: My brother's TV ad for Doublemint is already out. It has a nice concept. Too bad we don't get to see it that often because of these err, campaign commercials for election along with their paraphernalia: a hit masa song, catchy slogans, innocent-looking photos in their banners and all. Their photos reminded me of one of my photoshoots ( for the Intel banner) and found them so fit if ever I will run for the office, as if! Ha, ha! So is searched for these jpgs in my folders and with a little creativity, I came up with this one. Tada!

Pwede na ba? Ha,ha! This is still unfinished, I will come up with a banner pa and also have to think of my jingle. Hehe...

A lousy post, hehe! Just want to blabber before the week ends! Happy weekend to all! :)

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Shiela Amor said...

james is the older version of joshua hahaha!