Monday, February 26, 2007

The Black and White Saga - Edited

(imagine reading the fashion section of any girl magazine ;)

I love pairing these timeless hues. You'll absolutely never go wrong with them. Plus, it gives you that professional and elegant look in a corporate world. There were times in the office when I will just wear these two for a whole week. In that way I get to bring lesser things to and fro the boarding house (like only one bag and shoes and sometimes accessories also for all :)

Here's a list of my best get-ups (well at least for me)..and a short comment below on them. Maybe you'll appreciate it more if worn by a mannequin but sorry 'coz she's out of shape right now. Ha, ha, ha!!

1. Sophisticated Monday - Best to start off the week (specially with a lot of meetings and presentations for the day).
2. Sexy Tuesday - Corset makes you feel sexy. I remember when I first wore it at work, Myk asked me "Kmusta nman ang corset?" and to that I replied " The corset is fine but the tummy is not!" Then with a big laugh. Harhar! You''ll love the shape that black thing is giving you, promise!

3. Boyish Wednesday - Aaah! Gotta love this 'boy meets world' effect of the suspenders. Have to pair it up with a newsboy cap or a beret and bordered eyeglasses to give that nerdy feel. Tucking the top in gives you that figure that is so worth a second-glance for the guys..;) I think it's also applicable for a date after work. (Of course, us girls need some time off, ayt?)

4. Femme Thursday - Honestly, haven't tried it. I know it will look better had I been a li'l bit slimmer. So gotta work on it right now. I would just like to mention that oh-so-girly frilly polo from Maldita, I got it 70% off. :)
5. Lunatic Friday - Perfect to end the week since you can only just remove the cardigan and you're off for the night. Nice!
6. Spare # 1 - Basically a derivation of the Monday outfit. But the main feature is the sexyback since the vest is held by tying up its ends. (Geese, forgot to take photos)..Hehe

7. Spare # 2 - A nice doll-top and figure given by the wide belt and match it with white pedals. Chic indeed!
8. Accessories - The bag and shoes I just carry when I wear them. Bonus, a photo with Monday outfit worn. It was during the Guess pictorials with bessy Joy. :)
I know not everybody may consider me a fashion guru. Anyhoo, here's a tip for those getting prepared for entering the real world: a white long-sleeved polo and a black slacks are definitely wardrobe staples. ;)

So there you have it. A week long saga of classic colors. Thanks btw to Mango, Victoria's Secret and The Devil Wears Prada for some inspiration. Hehe.

A Self-confessed VS Copycat ;)
Sidenote: Did I just mention corporate? Oh well, I'm working for a manufacturing company here in Cavite. =P

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Shiela Amor said...

talaga namang kakikayan ito. black and white, baka gusto mo i-try ung mga houndstooth style na mga dress, bags, and shoes, in din cya ngayon, sa lahat ng magazines fini-feature ang mga houndstooth...also ung prang wardrobe na above the knee ang length? basta mukha talga cyang wardrobe, di ko alam ang tawag dun. baka gusto mo i-try, panay ganyan ang mga nakikita ko sa mga manequinn sa mga malls...bwahaha! kikay ever! nyahaha!