Monday, March 26, 2007

Come & Visit the 2007 World Light Expo

It’s not too late for you guys to catch the 2007 Word Light Expo located along the Macapagal area. For 150 bucks ( just be resourceful ;), you’ll get to see an amazing display of shining, shimmering and splendid statures that’s beyond doubt magnificent and enthralling. Just learn from us by not forgetting to bring those digi cams with you to capture that glowing figures and make sure to have a real good pose beside them (one like below, thanks to Myk's uber-reliable k800i). ű

Not only that, you get to enjoy a nice show that features the Chinese Circus Team. Lisa, Myk, Xtian would have to agree that this is the most jovial part of that Wednesday night. We ooh’d and aah’d at each dance performance starting from the China Love story with lovers doing acrobats in the air via a hung textile up to the fast-changing-mask solo dance (or whatever you call it, hehe) that will surely keep your eye focused and yet, still left intrigued in the end “How the hell does he do that?”. And suffice it to say, what made it all the more fun was because I was in my usual joker self or let’s just call it, my usual bakla self during the show. I poked fun and quipped at each and every stunt that truly drove them nuts. Haha! Seriously though, the act indeed showcased China’s rich cultures and traditions and talent as well. Funny how we say it’s for Philippine tourism (as far as i know) and yet you’ll see a lot of Chinese taking advantage on these by putting up business booths in the area.

The performance gets to be repeated for i-don’t-know-how-many times in a day. We caught it again for the 2nd time out of amusement; but this time sans Lisa who was having her tantrums due to the rolling giant balloon issue. We skipped some of the less entertaining acts to follow her in Blue Wave. We were having a good deal of time mocking our own selves by mimicking the moves of the dancers and singing the Chinese songs whilst advancing to the parking area (shame on us there were a lot of people looking, haha!) when Christian seemed to encounter an “uh-oh we’re in trouble” situation outside. I’ll keep mum about it for now as I’m still confused on which side to choose. =P

I didn’t really elaborate on the show and less pix were posted. Just trust me on this and do yourself a favor by going to the event. The damage fee is so worth the entertainment plus you get to support the poor as proceeds will be donated to them. The show is still on until April 22, so what are you guys waiting for? ;)

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