Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Summer Shebang

It’s that time of the year when temperature rises up and beaches get swarmed. And what better way to imbibe the summer atmosphere than with this swimwear I got from F&H. Ű

Something modest albeit sexy, agree? You see ever since I inhabited this Earth, I was not able to flaunt myself in just a two-piece outfit in the beach. I mean yes I do have swimsuits before but donned under a tank top and a short shorts. And it simply taunts the fashionista in me. So this time I'm making a wise choice. It’s wearable sans sarong, sans clear tops, sans shorts. Fabulous with my Paris-Hilton-Slash-Ashlee-Simpson’s shades! Hehe.

I was about to give up on finding nice sunglasses to pair up with the swimsuit since you know you can always find the best ones in those expensive labels. It took me a lot of time contemplating on the Guess boutique whether it’s a best buy to wear that same eyewear (costs 4k, gosh!). Good thing I went out to reflect and I luckily stumbled upon the same oversized shades in Freeway. Ű And it’s also the last stock. Haha! Moral lesson: It’s a good thing that you frequent the mall just to catch the best items. Hehe. Kidding.

But the funny thing is, here I am in a gung-ho to don that bikini above but as of now I don’t have plans in going to the beach yet. Haha! Bessy Joy and I were able to take advantage of the 1-peso promo of Cebu Pacific but it is still yet on August. (And it’s so stupid for us to book during the rainy season eh? Haha!) But as of this writing there are no plans yet from my college barkadas nor my super friends at work. So I’m calling out on them: Guys, san na ba tayo?;)

Joke Time: Talking ‘bout swarming beaches, I just wanna share this funny story from Mike when he went out Holy Week of last year to Puerto. The beach is really that crowded that in order to swim you have to say: “Uhmm excuse me po, excuse me po, makikilangoy lang po.” Hahaha! It’s better when he delivers the punch line but I’m somehow hoping you still had a good laugh. Hehe..

A totally incoherent entry! Gibberish! =P

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