Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Favorite Class :)

Body jam version 45 was just released two weeks ago. :) I like the current mix, it has a bit of a rock song (who would’ve thought that a rock song would be justified with such a nice choreo?), Janet Jackson’s Feedback (love it!!!) and was it reggae?? Oh gosh, I’m poor when it comes to classification of music. Pardon. Hihi. Apologies also for the lame shot below. :P

Sorry for being so enthusiastic about it. It’s just that I always thought that singing was my first love. I still remember this composition I made when I was in high school. It commences with something like, “Some people were born with silver spoon in their mouth; I’d say I came out of my mother’s womb with a microphone in my hand.” (Ssshheeshh, how the hell did I come up with such hyperbole??) I don’t even remember the gist or even the purpose of that something, the only thing that made impact until now was the introduction. Haha!!

That was how passionate I was about singing. (-,-)
But lately when there had been no uhmm, practice, (Haha! Oh how I still hold contempt for my uncle for taking away our videoke machine when he moved residence. By the way, the machine was originally “HIS” it was just positioned in our living room because he knows I use it atleast once a week. That’s why I call it “OURS” :P) atleast I have another something to express myself into. And with the tri-weekly attendance, I’ve come to loving the craft even more. Haha! :P

It’s also nice meeting these dance instructors – persons who are very passionate about dancing. I don’t think I will be ever be as good as them someday. :P When I was young, I was never really that priviledged to take up some lessons that would enhance my talents. I wish Mam enrolled me for a voice lessons instead of the keyboards (which I wasn't able to finish :C). So you can just imagine how thick it was for me joining singing contests inside the school premises, ahaha!!I But since I'm paying for this one although it's not really meant to be enhancing talents, I want to make it my goal to be really good at it. Someday, someday. Haha!! Yeah as I was saying about the instructors sorry I got sidetracked :P, it was also my first time to develop a crush for this pretty instructor, she has a nice body and dances oh so gracefully. Too bad she just visits during launches. Uhmm, I know you all know that I’m single for years now but hey I don’t have lesbian tendencies. LOL.

My favorite part aside from the waist gyrating (during hearbeat slowdown that's usually in the beat of Shakira's, Gwen Stefani's or Rihanna's :P) is the climax portion where you finally combine all the movements and do it repetitively that you just end up panting due to the fatigue. Like you just wanna head back home crawling. Haha!! Oh, how good the benefits are for the body. Haha!! :D

Another nice thing about this class is of course, meeting new classmates/friends. Meet Cathy. This girl is a doll – such a sweetie!! Like I always tell her, she’s a walking Ms. Friendship and all that’s lacking is a sash. :P For someone like her who clearly belongs to the upper level of the society, it’s astonishing that she befriends everyone specially commoners like me. :P

Now I’ve been inviting girlfriends to join me. Hopefully, Allen will come next week and calling out Xiela and the rest (haha!!). Gurls I guarantee you it would be fun, fun, fun. ÜÜÜ


Anonymous said...

Only in the Philippines where girls walk around with cameras to the gym.
If I did that in Toronto, I'd get arrested for perversion lol.

Wil :D

Anonymous said...

haha..yeah..u can say that, "only in the philippines" LOL.but hey im not alone..usually during special events like new dance version releases, others bring their cameras as well..:D