Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Social Life Is Slowly Returning

Ain’t that a good sign?? ;-P

After a Saturday movie with a girlfriend, here’s another one. A Monday dinner with Lisa @ Portico, Serendra. :)

The meeting was kind of “pilit” (forced, haha!!) since the GCs we acquired from the Blogger’s tour two months ago were about to expire. And you think we’re that luxurious to spend our own dough for a girls’ catch-up there?? Haha!! :P

Food: Mixed grill and Chicken Fussilli. Yum, yum, yum.

this is sooo not Blogger's Tour :P
Thing that I can’t understand is why on occasions like this, bloopers still exist. God, why can't they just leave me alone?? Everything was fine (my uproarious laughter is an exception, it's always a wa-poise moment :P) until for the last part when we’re about to pay the bill and the GCs slipped under the couch. Aaargh!! But of course, someone has to do it. Unfortunately, it should be the one with the longer limbs!! In my MNG dress!!! Blast these genes!!! LOL.

A night of chikas, chikas and more chikas!! LOL. And I’m impressed!!! Lisa’s impersonating skills are improving. Hahaha!!!

The walk after dinner while checking out the shops there felt kinda liberating. For once, I broke that monotonous routine of MWF overtime then go straight to the gym to de-stress!! Thankfully, there are still GCs for other restaus. ;-) So yup, there’s definitely a next time.

Meanwhile, check this out. Gym effect or is it just the phone??

Hmmmmmmmmm, interesting!! :P


Anonymous said...

The two best looking Filipina girls together again :)

Anonymous said...

Well hello there stranger!! Haha!! Thanks for the comment.. :D


Anonymous said...

I'm hurt that you don't believe me :(

kCNeSs said...

Oh, please don't be..May I know ur name first please?? It' not that I don't believe you..I'm really flattered actually I even told Lisa about it yesterday..you can view it in her Multiply post..

Lissy said...

Hmm.. Now this is getting INTERESTING! Hahaha... :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's Samuel :D


Anonymous said...

aaaaarrrgh WILLL!!!!! =P