Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mama Mia, Here I Go Again

Because watching a movie with someone is such an accomplishment for me, might as well blog about it. :P

Mam: San ka punta? (Where are you going?)
Me: Manood ako ng sine. (I’m going to see a movie.)
Mam: Sino kasama mo? (Who are you going out with?)
Me: Si Allen, ka-opisina ko dati sa Intel. (Allen, an officemate before from Intel.)
Mam - Nonchalant face.

Something bout Mam’s reaction is frightening – this in line with the thought that Allen is generally a guy’s name. It’s either she’s thinking letter A. My daughter needs to get out with a guy sometimes. She’s not getting any younger. Really, it’s scary that she’s not threatened that Allen might be a guy!! Or letter B. She’s been working for some Saturdays now; I think she badly needs a life. Either case is really terrifying!!

Some people are not really keen on musical, me either. But there’s something with Lisa’s and Allen’s excitement on the said movie. So with my free passes, might as well go for it. And Mama Mia, I enjoyed it. :D

So yeah, it would’ve been really nice if it’s a get together for the 3 of us. Since the lead women are all set of threes in the movie, but then someone’s been MIA-ing on me lately, hehehe. Ahem. :P Betcha she’s gonna react here. :P

Anyways, I’ve been MIA-ing on this girl also and I felt ashamed that I was only remotely available in her lowest times. You all know her; remember the phone call in Samsung Soul event?? ;-) Mama Mia! It’s such a surprise seeing her at her best!! :) I was kind of expecting the opposite. She came in her nicest red dress and accessories. :) Fabulous!! It was one of the best tips I gave her whenever she calls, GO AHEAD AND PRETTIFY YOURSELF!! :P She obediently followed this, succumbing to “retail therapy” every week that it even came to the attention of her Mom. So I was like, “Geese, no wonder my Mam never questions me about it.” I mean, I can’t imagine her asking me same question for 4 years. :D

On that 30 mins coffee time while waiting for the movie, we tried to cram in as much as gossip as possible. :D I heard about Fely’s engagement. Aww dear hope you’re reading this, my felicitations to you. I’m really happy for you. :)

Allen: May nakasabay ako kanina sa MRT. From PE siya eh, letter M ang name nya eh.
Me: Ha. Sino?
She gave further descriptions.
Me: Ah c Alex!!
Mama Mia, letter M daw. Hahaha!!

We stopped by the bookstore first since we can’t be admitted yet inside the cinema. I’m not yet a book fan during the time we were at Intel but I now am and the sweet girl surprisingly bought me a book as a token of appreciation. Sweets!! :)

Wall-E, another movie to watch out for

Now for my piece on the movie:

1. I love the venue of the shoot - a beautiful Island in Greece. :)
2. Pierce Brosnan still looks hot. :P
3. I still can’t get over Meryl Streep’s role as a loving mother. Visions of her in a suit still haunt me from the movie The Devil Wears Prada. :P
4. I love the wedding gown of the young girl.
5. I was deeply moved in one and only one scene. The Winner Takes It All moment. =,(

I was trying really hard to compose myself knowing that hey, there’s a girl beside me who just came from a heartbreak. But I wasn’t able to help it. The song is again one of those oldies that I’m familiar with but ironically, that’s the only time I realized its meaning. That never ending lesson in life of how some love are not really meant to be. Unfair but really, just like in the song “the rules must be obeyed.” Sad, sad, sad. Sniff, sniff, sniff. Tears were already pooling in my eyes at the very start of the chorus. I guess you can say I’m one of the world’s strongest women huh?? On a positive note, I now have one new song to try in videoke machines. :P

Dinner was spent in Burgoo – a unanimous choice since we both haven’t tried it there. Might as well make it memorable, right?? Service is not really bad, I mean the waiting time but they have this paper table cloth where you can doodle while waiting for the food. So here’s our end product, nyahaha!! Mama Mia, I’m such a poor artist. A simple pig!!! What the?!?! Ahahaha!!! Atleast Allen tried to sketch the lead girl Sophie in the movie. Wahaha!!

Food was served instantly. We tried the glorious ribs and again, my favorite seafood pasta.

Yet another one of those memorable convo,

Me: San nga ba nakatira c Joan dati?? Letter T yun eh.
Allen: Tanza?
Me: Hindi.
Allen: Tierra?
Me: Aaah!! Noveleta!!
Thigh-slapping laughter. Letter T daw. Wahaha!!! Oh dear, whatever happened to our memory??? Ahaha!!

It’s almost 9 PM when we finished. I was supposed to go to another friend’s house but it was already late. Yes, she’s from a heartbreak also. Geese, whatever happened to love yo?!?! Where is the love?? People killing people dying…ok, ok,ok enough. LOL. Well atleast it’s still working for others like the engagement I mentioned above. Coz if not, Mama Mia, I don’t know where else to get the hope from. *Sigh*


Anonymous said...

Mamma Mia! I'm actually looking forward to see that.. I absolutely loved the play/musical, 2nd only to Les Misarables on Broadway.

Hopefully Maryl Streep can sing.


Anonymous said...

oh yes she can!! :D i downloaded the songs already..haha.. :) when r u planning to watch it??


Nivek said...
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Nivek said...

I really want to go see Batman. It don't know if it is playing there yet, but in the US it was the biggest opening night ever with $66 million just on Friday night. I tried to go see it but there was a line almost 1/4 mile! I just couldn't wait and then get stuck with a yuck seat in the front row. I am going to try and go Wednesday night so the crowds shouldn't be too bad.

I don't think Mama Mia did so well. Even though it came in second, it made only $26 million for the whole weekend. But it did better than Hancock :)

I really want to see the new X-Files movie opening later this month.

Anonymous said...

For a chick flick, 26 Million isn't bad.
Deng I don't pay to watch movies lol..


Anonymous said...

hi Kevin!! I'm going to see Dark Knight this weekend..The free passes we have ca only be used after a week after the film's showing..(and we call it VIP pass eh?) So I'm quite late in the news..hehehe.. =(