Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Movie!! LOL!!

Hey, why didn't they make the lead role of this movie?? Wahaha!!! I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!! Hahaha!! :))

After finishing the Shopaholic series, I made a book report about a year and a half ago. It can be found on this link. It's not something with an abstract, plot or the likes but rather a Becky-KC correlation. Oh how I truly felt connected with the heroine of this book. Hahaha!! I will list them all here (for those who don't wanna exercise their forefingers and click :P) and yes, I will check them out in the movie. Wahaha!!


Becky and I were both initially stuck in a boring job. The only reason that kept us holding on is the dough we’re getting out of it. We both thought of leaving but like what she said: “The thought of no money is more scary than the thought of writing about depository trust companies for the rest of my life." Which, translated in my previous job, “The thought of no money is more scary than having 5 xRBs, 10 PTRs and 20 deliverables in Intel.” :D


Scene: After being fired from Ally Smith, she met Tom (a childhood friend who thinks she’s still hankering after him) shopping for his new girlfriend. After that, she felt how come she didn’t have a boyfriend to buy her stuffs in Tiffany’s. Well, not that I would want someone to buy me something but it touched a nerve when she said it’s still a boyfriend for you to phone up during work, use as an ammunition against creeps and the like. *sigh*


Noun: Property or another possession acquired for future financial return or benefit.For Becky and KC’s definition:The exact word to use for justifying an expensive, unnecessary item or a luxury during shopping. Enough said! * LOLS* [Proof]


Scene: Becky meets Suze’s mom and helps her dress for the wedding. Caroline then tells her about the sentimental values of some things she got from traveling around the world and about having a Bolivian peasant as a best friend. That instance made her feel under traveled which I can say I can connect to. I mean, the amount of money I spent for shopping could’ve been used for some nice adventures within or out of the country.


Simply defined as a swift, 3-second top-to-toe sweep costing your outfit to the nearest dollar. Though we both have this hobby of surreptitiously glancing on other person’s outfit, I totally adore Becky for being able to identify which each and every item came from. Coz mine is more of checking on the style but the fact that he can do it on men is really WOW!!


Same with her, I also love to look impressively always in the mirror especially when someone has just flattered what I’m wearing for a day. Secretly also, I imagine myself being spotted on the mall and being checked out but not for the brand of my clothing but more on the style labeled as best dressed or something like that. Hihi. Ssshhhhhhhhhhh!! Gosh! I’m such a hypocritical cow! =P


If we were both asked, “How do you cope with stress?” (Like for example, the morning sickness during her pregnancy and mine on work) Our unequivocal answer to the question would be SHOPPING of course. Haha!! It’s a no-brainer dude. [Proof]


On an interview for Vogue, Becky made a quick recap of her outfit. Everything seems to be impressive (DVF, Prada, Topshop) except for one: the earrings. The bloody earrings. Haha! Because it wouldn’t be cool, she thought of telling them it’s vintage and not from her mom. And reading it was just like hitting me BULLS-EYE specially when I was writing this post! We’re so thinking alike! Haha!!


Ok. This have to be admitted albeit embarrassing that like how Becky chased after the models in the birth center just to be caught by the paparazzi is let’s just say a hidden agenda of mine during our events. Can you blame me? Come on, who knows where could those pics come out? ;)


And lastly, this just has to be included to make myself clear. Just because we’re self-confessed shopaholics doesn’t mean that we always look impressive. For instance, the scene where Becky had Luke followed and found out her suspicions were wrong and in a funny way connected it to the wrong Orange top she got from Ebay means that not everyone should set high expectations on us. Come on, we’re not models dressed up by designers. Ok Anonymous? [Proof]

Some of the above scenarios are yet to be shown on the sequels of the film while some may not anymore be applicable today but what the heck?? A shopaholic will always be a shopaholic!! LOL!!

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