Thursday, February 05, 2009

How To Be Single

That feeling of finding something after going through racks after racks of books in the store is one of my most treasured feeling in this world!! It's sheer joy!! Methinks that it's even better than meeting a great guy!! Hahaha!! Now I better stop before my conscience beat me up and tell me I'm a hypocrite!! Wahaha!! :D Anyways, this is what I'm talking about - my latest discovery. :)
Ookay. This is sooo not a self-help book. If you haven't guessed by now, I'm not a fan of those. Even the last book given to me as a gift by a girlfriend (which is about dating if you must know) was left unread in my shelf. Sorry dear!! :)

As for this, not only did the girly cover and the catchy title appealed to me but also the author. Her resume reads as one of the co-authors of "He's Not Just That Into You" - again another one of those famous self-help books a friend of mine from Samsung told me about before. I've read parts of it coz I wanna understand why she treats it like her new "bible" and in as much as I want to, I just felt its pointless coz I don't really go out that much with many guys. No worries coz it was recently turned into a movie making it in my list of to watch out for this or next month. I love that Scarlett Johansson stars in it. :)


Following a disastrous night out that began with steaks and martinis and ended in hospital, Julie Jenson decides that she and her four single friends, Georgia, Alice, Serena and Ruby are doing something wrong. Between them, there's more dysfunction and disappointment that she can handle.

So Julie quits her job and sets off to discover how women around the world deal with the Single Life. From proud Parisiennes to intense Italians, ice-cool Icelanders to brazen Brazilians, Julie attempts to learn the secret of these women's successes.

Did the first paragraph already remind you of someone?? A girl with many single friends?? Hahaha!! After going through a quarter of the book, I discovered that stellar insights from her other book were already incorporated here through some of the characters. If you only knew how page after page I keep on marking some parts of the paragraph for future reference (well, who knows I might need them someday right?? Haha!!) plus the fact that I can relate to each and every character plus the travel factor in it - it's official: This book is perfect!! Hahaha!! Specially this month when you all know what's coming next week!! :P

Now instead of writing some angsty post on why there ever had to be an occasion such as that (which is of course a negative feeling and we certainly don't wanna waste our energy with that ;), I'd like to come up with something informative. Right! As though I've come up with anything of that sort before!! Wahaha!! But like I say, I've already picked up a lot from here as of now and it would be better if you single friends out there also read it for yourself and share your thoughts about it. Ayt? ;)

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