Sunday, February 08, 2009

Size 10 Is Not Fat!!

In the US, everybody's obsessed with a size zero! That's why there's this book Size 12 Is Not Fat and I patterned from it for today's title. :P

I think it's just all about choosing the dress with nice cut that accentuates your curves which is what Warehouse is all about. ^^ In here, I can be proud I'm a size 10. But what I'm more proud of is how I got that dress. :)

It's another 50 off-er!! :P This was the particular dress I was aiming for last time I blogged about them. I wasn't sure if it was the lack of size for this particular dress since I picked up a lot during that time and I couldn't be standardized in just one size for all of the styles that asking them to reserve a size 10 in a different branch for this might not guarantee a nice fit. It was all a hazy memory. But still I kept coming back because their styles are just simply FAB!! And tell me why shouldn't I when there's this big bold 4-letter word printed in their shop that always makes my heart jump with delight!! Yay!! Haha!!

In a whiz of a zip, I became slimmer and sexier!! LOL!! And in a swipe of a card later, I walked out of the shop with my head high clutching my first ever dress from this shop. I knew it!! This dress was meant for me!! Hahaha!! It may have taken me two months before finally owning but the waiting was worth it!! Wahaha!!

And there goes another inspirational story for you!! Wahaha!! My very own dress-success story. :))


Anonymous said...

i love the dress gurl.i love the cut, the color and how it enhances your figure. where did you get it?

---pau baller

kCNeSs said...

hi pau!! thanks thanks!! got it on sale from Warehouse..nice seeing u here lola!! :)