Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Berdeng Mga Burol (Greenhills)..Wehehe

Greenhills – the memoirs.

After working for the province for like 2.5 yrs, I was still very much expecting that I will land a job in my dream workplace: Makati. But then again Greenhills was a very welcome surprise.

This place is very familiar. My mom with a biz partner rented a stall here sometime in my senior year in secondary. Then after that, I remember coming to this place for two memorable occasions. (1) Competing for an all-girls Math competition in La Salle Greenhills where I represented Trigonometry. It was my first-ever outside the campus competition. It was unforgettable not because our group entered the final round (we didn’t win though :c) but because I was only fifteen that time studying in a pre-engineering high school and I’ve never seen so many cute guys roofed in just one campus in my entire life!! Hahaha!! La Salle Greenhills is an all-boys school if you must know. ;) (2) The next trip was already in my college years where I went to Music Museum to watch my friend perform the lead role in one of the school plays. I was proud going there because he or she (*wink*) borrowed my cream pants with its matching butterfly belt to be used for the entire show. We’re both Mariah fanatics that time. And for an hour and a half, I watched how he gave justice to my pants and how he looked fierce in it. Very well done!!

Greenhills – the office.

A few months of working for Samsung and I discovered the downside that being geographically located in such a state below – I mean being the only corporate building on that side of Road 2 – I have a very slim chance of meeting other people outside the office (where are the urban people here?) and the difficulty of having a nice place to eat aside from the local cafeteria without crossing the overpass that leads to the shopping complex on the other side of the road. But then you know later on you’ll just have to see the brighter side of it like for example avoiding less crowded cafeterias since we only share it with another known company upstairs, no Starbucks chain available just outside your office (unlike the ubiquity of it in Makati hence saving you money and sparing you from the calories ;) and etc. As for the meeting people, hmmm maybe I’ll just disregard it since it’s not much of a primary concern. Hahaha!!
this is poorly done by me, pardon!! haha

Greenhills - the Shopping Center. :)

You’re all not stranger to the fact that during lunchtime back in the office (not everyday ok? ), I patrol the area scouring for some cheap finds, appreciating some starting local designers and contemplating whether I can carry those Class AAA LV/ Chanel or any other bags of haute couture and make them look authentic in me. Haha!! Although I’ll still stick to what I said way way before that items here are a bit pricey than in DV, still there are items here that can’t be found in its low-end version.

Greenhills – the Cinema.

Back in Samsung, we were given free movie passes at least every other week and although I used like only 30% of what was given to me, I’d still prefer the coziness of the cinemas here. And oh, it’s a nice place to spot some celebrities too!! ;-) Hehe.

Greenhills – at Night.

Walking back after gym @ night, I always loved the drama of beholding the sight of our building coming from Connecticut Ave. It must be the trees that initially cover the building which slowly unfolds as you walk horizontally across it. Beautiful.

But just so you know, GH is not good for very late night-outs with friends. It’s already a ghost town by 2 AM which me, Allen and Mike discovered and actually witnessed one Friday gimmick night. :P

Greenhills – FF.

In my bitch’s words: “Kumo-quota ka jan ah!” We all know how PT (personal trainer) come to you and offer training programs just so they can reach their quota for a month right?? Lisa used the term to connote my performance when it comes to the men I’ve met there!! Crazy!! Haha!! Anyways, I’m more grateful for the quota met on friends I found here – Cathy as you all know being on top of the list. :) How doing retro is more enjoyable in here than in any other branches (because of the doňas ;) and how jam is better because of the instructor. :)

And because of all these, I’ve come to love the place. Yep, more than two months resigned from Samsung but I still keep coming back here. That is the reason why you didn’t see me posting anything about the things that I’m going to miss about my company – a month of working for the newest one and I still visit the office here during field work then go straight to the gym. Funny huh?? But then a month before that, specifically starting this year, it was different. Because it was the day – the day they went away. Hehe. They already moved office to somewhere in The Fort, Taguig. :(

What’s even funnier is that I just started this document writing about the things to miss about Samsung but ended up waxing poetry about Greenhills. Haha!! Yes I can say I love this place but it’s still different when that small entity that became a part of your life here for about a year and a half is not here anymore. :( Then again I better start enumerating those things in my list.

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