Thursday, February 12, 2009

Running My Office

Lately, I'm getting tired 'splaining to everybody my job set-up. It's exhausting. :P Can I just say I run my office?? Haha!!

I remember when I mentioned to the Intel girls last time about how one day I went to the bookstore to buy my "office supplies", they gave out a hearty laugh about it. They find it amusing.

This week was once again happy (and busy if I may add) coz some of my colleagues flew from SG. Still different when you're talking business with them face to face. :)
Meetings/ Client catch-up/ Etc. You have to look appropriate. ;)

Yes and I love the bow too. Hihi. Took me forever to find a long-sleeves that fully covers my arms and not "bitin". If you guessed that the shirt came from MNG, you got it right! And if you guessed that it's another 50-off, then you really know me. Hahaha!!

Keeping up with the white theme of the week though I'm not that confident about this, I went for:

Midsection's kinda crumpled coz I tried tucking it under the high-waist wide-legged trousers just to see if it looks okay. After which didn't have time to fix anymore what with the crazy sked for the day.

After having taken this pic below, I once again realized the power of image versus words. Can I just show this to everyone asking about my work?? This is me in my office.

Wahaha!! How I wish!!! But the scenario is pretty much the same. Yeah, pretty much.

Judging from the utter lack of coherence of today's post, I am hoping you roughly have an idea on how the last days were like for me. So when somebody asked me what am I goin' to do on Saturday?? I absentmindedly responded "Nothing. Why? What's with Saturday?"

Then explanation. And I can only say in dismay "Oh!! That??" Blank.


Anonymous said...

are you in a hotel, or is that your bedroom? I'm leaning towards a hotel cause it's kind of sleek and modern.. aka not a touch of pink. :D


Anonymous said...

hahaha!! Wil, what happened to u? Long time no hear!!!!

about the pic?? not telling..wahaha!! you should've said its sleek and modern..aka not chock full of clothes!! :))

so its definitely not my room..i really wish its mine!! haha!!