Monday, February 16, 2009

Pulling Off A Carrie Bradshaw

Shoes anyone?? Strap it all the way, baby!! ;-)

But first of all, allow me to say this. BOO on you Aldo!! X-D How come a very popular brand of footwear (with ludicrous price if I may add) can only come up with a biggest size such as 9 for women?? And I thought this all came from the West with naturally taller women and expectedly longer feet??? How come??? I'm so disappointed!! And while I'm at it, sorry also Zara but there's also no loving from me to you when it comes to your shoeses. I mean, yeah you have 40 but most of them wouldn't fit me. X-D!!

So okay, it might be my feet that's totally abnormal. I hated it eversince my Mom decided that I have to stick to my last schoolyear's worn-out mary janes when I was in Grade 6 just because she didn't want to live through a whole day (or days) of finding a new pair of school shoes for me. :( But then in my secondary years where by chance I can get hold of fashion magazines and closely scrutinize those skinny models in their footwear, I learned that I'm not alone. You can actually observe that their open sandals/stilettos are too small for the length or width of their feet. ;-) It has become my comfort knowing that, "Hey, I have the feet of a model!" Wahaha!! Silly me!!

After that, I've come to love it. I mean, who else would love my very own feet right?? I think that having this mammoth of a feet also served as a blessing since I'm very much sure that if I have the regular size (say 8 or 9) then the number of my footwear will be twice as to what I have now. Haha!!

So lately I've been digging these strappy boots thingy and I found one in Aldo and yeah I was ready to let go of that ridiculous price and all but hey, they let me down. Well it turned out to be another blessing coz once upon a tour-guiding where I accompanied my colleagues in Greenhills for gifts shopping, I spotted that shoes above in one of the stalls. And would you believe that it's the very same style of the one I'm craving for in Aldo?? For reals!! It's a local brand and you cannot really underestimate the capability of Pinoys when it comes to imitating. Haha!! It's 6 times reduced to that of the price in the shop and I can't believe I was willing to buy at that price?!?! And I realized how depressing could it be if they actually have the size and I saw those in Greenhills?? Gosh, I'm gonna wail and weep like a baby right then and there. Haha!!

Okay, enough time for story-telling. Time for debut-ing the new shoes. ;-)

Lavet!! Hehe.

Oh yesterday also after the Sunday meeting, my uncle and tita from Riyadh celebrated their 32nd anniversary last week and invited us for dinner. :) Happy Anniversary Uncle Chit and Tita Sol. :)

Lem with another baby model, Luis. Hehe.

At home giving Choi Choi the perfunctory scratch,

Remember the book I told you about last time?? I'm absolutely not raving about it. But as if it wasn't enough understanding the whole single debacle, I bought this DVD of SATC complete from Season 1-7!! (Pirated obviously blame it on the colleagues looking for cheap finds!! ;-)Would it be admitting defeat that I've never really watched it before??? I didn't also go for the movie!!

I don't know but I suddenly have this kick-in of becoming a journalist like Carrie and dig thoroughly on this topic. Oh please let me be not obsessed with it!! Please!! But if there's another thing that Carrie and I share in common, well obviously it's our undying love for footwears.

Only hers are the expensive ones. ;-)

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