Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh No, He Didn't

How come??? How did this happen?? My younger brother told me that he emerged as the winner. He, being this close to the entertainment industry, I just had to believe him. Aaargh!! They’re always like this to me – my brothers!! How many times have I been told about something that they’re so certain about you won’t detect a hint of trick in their face and stupid KC was led on to believe coz the thing merits her side?? And then what irritates me the most is that I will learn that I’ve been duped like more than one day after?? I hate them!!! X-D
Anyways, this is not about them. This blog is supposed to be posted on Saturday early morning – after the culmination of the El Ultimo Participante of Pinoy Fear Factor?? This should be about celebrations – congratulations and all for making me believe that there really exists in life a superman!! Tell me Manuel, WHY??

* Sigh * I’m so sorry. It’s just that I’ve never been this affected in my entire life over a bet. This just really means something coz I really wasn’t a fan of the show ever since. It only happened during the long Christmas vacations – too long that I’ve run out of things to do at night but fix my eyes on the TV. They had this recap of the past challenges and from there I developed a new crush.

Suddenly, time on the gym was cut short in order to catch the show at night. I’ve googled and googled for news about the winner but I wasn’t that lucky to find something. Last night was different, I intentionally skipped my favorite dance class coz it was critical – he was endangered to be eliminated from the Fantastic Four or rather the Fearless Four. I don’t wanna miss the announcement that yes he was indeed safe and will proceed to the next challenges. But all bets were off mere minutes after the show started. He was sent home after staying longer in the buried alive challenge that methinks was really scary there’s no way I will do that!

So just like that, huh?? After setting quite a number of new records, impressing the Argentines Fear Factor crew and everything’s down the drain. I can’t take it!! How come he was called SuperManuel in the first place?!?! I just don’t get it. * sigh* So sad. Really sad. =,(

He’s still the most deserving winner for me. If only I had known him during the ASAP day where they were guests, I could've taken a second look at him. :( Well anyway, I believe what's most important is that he'll be successful in real life with his schemes and tactics!! I'm always impressed with these kind of men - those who have a way with things. And I'm not entirely ruling out his cute face and nice bod. Wahaha!! Too bad he's got a kid already!! Haha!! :)

Adios Supermanuel!! There's no more reason to watch that show and I guess it's time for more gym. After all, Bora bora is just a month and a half away. *wink wink*

P.S. Those who can send me his pic with the Superman costume on will be highly appreciated. Haha!!

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