Saturday, February 21, 2009

Carrie Meets Becky in Shopaholic Movie :)

Hey, it's summer now!! Can you feel the heat?? :) Okay I know this intro is quite far, like million miles away, from my title but hey gotta love my new summer-y skirt. :) Oh, please say it's cute. Please. Haha!!

Not only it is summer inspired but I also told you I've been catching up on SATC series lately, so remember Carrie in the opening credit of the show?? Nevermind if you've forgotten already. ;)

See?? Tucked in tank top on a skirt. :) Lavet!! Except that she probably wore it with high-heeled shoes in that combo. :)

It would be lovely for a date with a guy but 's okay coz Mike's expression (when he first saw me) didn't disappoint. Mike is like Carrie's Stanford. I'm so not elaborating it but atleast he can appreciate each and every piece of my statement. ;)

Xiela just to let you know I was dying to watch the premiere night of the movie you didn't bother to invite me, hmp!! Haha!! But just like she said in her review, yes it's very funny!! In Sam's blog before I was already forewarned about movie adaptations being far from book's story so I didn't expect too much similarity. All I know is that Hugh Dancy is so cute and if my life is so-like Becky Bloomwood then I have to have faith that I'm gonna find a cute man like him someday. Hahaha!!! :))

I have an image equation for you. What happens if Carrie meets Becky??

Hahaha!! I was just making fun. I didn't really buy that many. It just so happened that I do collect paper bags and used them as props in the pic. :)

However, what a coincidence! I've never seen Sex and the City movie but in most fashion blogs I do know that one thing remarkable from the film is Carrie's Metallic Gladiator shoes found below:

Is that it?? OMG, it's definitely something like it!!! I just spent again on a pair of shoes. Tsk!

And some more pics:

(a) waiting for my shoes (b) shopaholic backdrop (c) dinner with Mike (d) same reaction when I found the shoes. Hahahaha!!!

Oh and btw in that very same spot of picture (a) I coincidentally met bagaholic Cathy looking at some shoes. She's also goin' to buy the gladiators. Haha!! Fun Saturday! :)

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