Thursday, February 26, 2009

Still Alive

Just busy. A lie. Haha!!

I’m not out of the country either. I’m here.

Have a new boyfriend?? With the correct answer of course being: How I wish!!

Everything’s fine too. Just a bit bland. A plateau.

Can’t get anything hardwired into my system. The mental juices have dried up. May ganon?? Haha!! Come to think of it, I was once scared that this day would come and now that it’s actually happening, I realized it’s not really that terrible. At times in life, you just need to breathe.

OMG!! A lot of people will be thankful for this. I mean, come on, KC shut up for about a week. What a relief!! Haha!!

And there it goes. Another nonsense from the whole nonsense thing that is this blog. Hahaha!!!

See you guys when I see you. ;)


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