Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Where's The Sun??

How exactly do I do this??

Hahaha. Just kiddin'. :)
Summer is soooooooo here. I was whining about the heat for the last 2 weeks especially when most of the client meetings were done in the afternoon. Mere minutes of taking a shower can already make you loose your freshness and sweat like pig.

For the last 2 weeks it seems that I wasn't only being a lame blogger, I'm dressing up pretty much boring too. I just realized I stuck to the same color combo for two different meetings. Good thing they're different telco companies.

Now THAT's a major offense what with the chock full of clothes I have in my room (take note: not closet) and the rarity of going out of "my office". I just decided that I have to make full use of the other clothes as well. Else they'll get jealous. Hehe. I couldn't help but wonder (yay! Sooo Carrie's words ;)" what's with yellow? Tribute to EDSA or to the SUN? Haha!!

For someone like me who once thought that I'll never ever dress up in yellow, it's amazing how it was declared color of the last year and poof! It dominated the color of not only my closet but my shoe rack as well! And what's more amazing is that for me the trend continues until this year. I can still recall how obsessed I was over this at this very same time of the last year.

So as an added proof, let me show you this cheap yet lovely printed dress I bought last time in Tomato. :) Ever since I saw the trio combo of white, yellow and black in the YSL fashion show (if I remember correctly), I couldn't help but get my hands into one of those. Here it is:

Lovesit! I was thinking of putting a huge black flower brooch to pin on that right side of the shoulder but unfortunately the one I have wasn't big enough. Haha!! And if you can still recall, it was very much Carrie's style during the time she was dating a politician. ;) Not that I'm into one right now. Haha!

Despite its asymmetry, I was pretty much determined to wear it yesterday in a meeting with our Sales manager and decided against it when I realized: There's no sun!!! It was raining yesterday and I opted to dress down. Now don't get me wrong I still love the rain, but i'll be patiently waiting for the SUN so I can wear it again.

Whew! That was a long blab right there. Obviously missed talking here. Haha! How's everybody?? Everything SUNNY?? ;)

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