Thursday, March 05, 2009

Indian Gastronomy @ The New Bombay Restau

Located at the Podium in Ortigas, this restaurant guarantees satisfaction for those who are looking for some authentic Indian cuisine. :)

Inasmuch as I’m not a cooking expert, the same can be said about food-tasting. There are just those people who impress me by telling at the first taste which and which ingredients are present in a certain food. (Ratatouille, how do you do that???) But screw that!! I have my own indicator that simply tells me whenever a food is so good that I know I had too much of it: my tummy!! Hahaha!!

Ever since my Indian colleagues started visiting here, that hospitable side of me had always been bothered on where to take them for nice lunches or dinners. But due to hectic skeds, we usually end up settling for what’s near or convenient. Last Monday when Su and I were on the verge of going to Banana Leaf (I’m not so sure but I told him it’s somehow Indian due to the yummy chicken curry I tried last time :-SS ), we saw this streamer of The New Bombay right beside the escalator. When he asked me if want to try the restau, I couldn’t say yes fast enough! It’s high time for an initiation to Indian gastronomy. :)

I feel sorry that I wasn’t able to bring my camera so I just searched in the web for pics of the delicacies I tried. Another reason for writing about it here is because I noticed that only a few people have blogged about the experience. Too bad for something too good. :)

For starters, Su picked on the Pappadam (I memorized the term by associating it with Papa Don’t Preach, hahaha!!!). It’s more like chips or crackers and you have the option for it to be fried or roasted. But the minute the waiter handed us the plates, it was very clear that Su likes the roasted one. Haha!! It comes with chutneys: the red one has some sweet and sour taste into it (with Mango according to Su) and the green one is served with herbs and spices into it. Me likey!!

Pappadam preach, haha!!

Next came the Naan or simply their flat bread. This one comes in many flavors when I checked in the menu: butter, cheese, etc. I picked the cheese and I didn’t know it tastes soooooooooo good when dipped into the Chicken Tikka Masala (chunks of boneless, skinless chicken breast and thigh meat marinated in spices to a deep red, matching the intense color of the curry sauce) which is already the main course for the night with the Chicken Briyani (rice dish with spice, herbs and other seasonings). Yes, we had an overload of chicken. Haha!!

Actually, I wasn’t sure if Su told me to dip the Naan in the Pappadam chutneys. Haha!! But I so like the taste of the Chicken Tikka and although it’s also good I can’t have too much of the rice in Chicken Briyani since it’s already night time. Diet. Haha!! So in the end, Su finished what’s left of the Briyani while I munched on the Naan dipped in Tikka. Aaaah, sarap!!! :D

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Briyani

Lastly, this one is unforgettable: the flavored Laasi for drinks. Laasi according to Su is yogurt shake. It also comes in different flavors: strawberry, ube, mango, etc.etc. I went for the Ube. Heavenly!! Hahaha!!!

Flavored Laasi

I really really wanna go back to that restau and try everything on their menu specially the curry. Anyone of you who would like to treat me?? Hahaha!!! Anyways, I’ve already booked one in August with pseudo-cousin Wil. Right Wil? You said it’s your treat right?? Hahaha!! No taking back of words now, my blog readers already know about it. Hahaha!!

Spicy food lovers like me must really try that restau. ;) Here’s a snapshot of the ambiance. Just want you to know I had a hard time pulling the chair. Quite heavy, haha!!

Lastly, I’m so happeee. Brian’s here. Brian’s here. :D :D :D

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