Saturday, March 07, 2009


Did you know that the characters above represent or means crying in Korean writing? Apparently, I was such a moron I didn't know about it only once upon a chatting time with Brian before. Haha!! Gosh, I can't believe he's been here for 2 days now and I haven't met him up. I've been soooooooo busy the last few days coz of work but who's complaining?? I've long forgotten how it feels to work hard and do well but it was damn nice! :)

Anyways, working 'til 3 AM is not a real problem for me as long as I can wake up a li'l late (say 8:30 AM?) and start again the next day in my PJs. But not lately. Somebody's taking my newly-found and oh-so cherished freedom away. T,T or =,( Starting this and next week, I was asked to report straight to the customer's office until the project finishes. Waaaaah!! Haha!!

Looking at the brighter side of it, yes I could dress up. And after reporting for about 3 days, it was only today that I learned the company's implementing strict rules on clothing. I was almost not admitted this morning. :P Who's stopping KC from dressing up? NO ONE. Haha!! I kid. Well for the record I know I've always been disobedient to fashion police rules but not this time. This isn't my company, not my territory. Na ah. :P And I bet my charm to that kind security guard will not work anymore next time. Hehe.

So yeah I could wear again my corporate clothes but then the amount of joy doesn't compensate for that routine of waking up, crawling at the end of the bed where the table is to turn on my laptop, going down for a coffee, break from work by doing home exercise 30-mins before lunchtime ( we have this DVD exercises at home where YES! I can wear those midriffs and shorts while working out, hahahaha!!), once in a while playing with my dog ( I have this habit of just pulling his ears and be satisfied after I heard him squeak, hahaha!!) and everything else. Have I started becoming lazy?? Haha!!

In all fairness, the employees I'm working with are very kind and accomodating. :) I sure miss having officemates around my working area. But still I deal with early traffic, crowded morning streets........whatever!

Yesterday, I just wanted to emphasize the plaid skirt (fyi, it is pronounced as plad :P) and came up with this. I thought the whole black thing is my way of mourning over the temporary loss of work coziness. :P

Have I said I love that plaid skirt? Oh yes I love it in fact we're getting married next year. Hahaha!!
Weekend at long last!! Aaaah!!! :D


Nivek said...

So how were you pronouncing plaid before?

Anonymous said...

err, it's so embarassing..haha!! like played.. :P but im proud to share im not the only one. haha!!