Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Us @ Capricciosa

'Twas the perfect sunny day. Sweltering for others but just okay for my asymmetrical dress, hehehe. Me, Lisa and Mike are meeting in Greenbelt 4 and I figured you won't get wrong girly-ing up a bit in that place. Ű

I have an accomplishment worth mentioning - I came the earliest. :)) I remember last time at Cuillere, I was 1 hr late Lisa and Mike already started their lunch. :P Which is okay because the only rule existing here is NEVER EVER allow Mike to starve. Hahaha!!

Hump de bump doop bap. For the 2nd time here this year, I once again bumped into someone I know. Intel folks. Tiny world. :P Lisa came next and we were able to gossip a bit, hehe, before Mike arrived complaining about his headache. :-S

Trivia, trivia. Mike shared the trivia (actually its more of a joke, haha!) about the peace pose of the Chinese/Korean so I shared something about the origins of pizza. :P Hehe. And as for Lisa, she shared her own trivia on her weight loss. Can you believe how her figure has improved here?? I'm jealous. Haha!!

I leave the food review to Lisa in her blog. She's the expert on that. :) All of us each had different desserts. Afterall, it's Lisa's cheat day. A day for all her capriccios. Hehehe.

Well, I hope we can make way for a summer escapade this year. :) Just wanna share this last pic, hehe. Wala lang, naaliw lang ako. Taken about 2 years ago. :P


Anonymous said...

So what is your secret about the origins of pizza?

Both Lisa and you look great and even better since you started working out!

Anonymous said...

thanks Kev! ;) More pics in her Multiply site. :)


Nivek said...

Hey, how'd you know it was me? It could've been Wil you know.

Anonymous said...

let's just say I know the two of you that well. ;)


Anonymous said...

I can't get away with anything :(

Anonymous said...

I could tell you how Kev...
1st.. I've never complimented deng's figure in all the time I've talked with her.
2nd.. I've never flirted with her lol.. that's just wrong.. internet cousins hello..
3rd.. I think her friend is hot..