Thursday, March 12, 2009


I promised him that maybe when I finally have the time, I will take him to a grooming salon.

Now it won’t happen anymore.

So sad. Choi choi’s gone.

Late night craving for Dulce de Leche cake over a cup of coffee or Milk Tea won’t be the same anymore. He used to be my other half: the other half who shares my favorite food. :( Come to think of it, recently I was amazed he didn’t like any of those Max’s caramel bars that I super like. :(

I’m unlike those girls who put all their motherly instinct to their pet. I don’t know; it’s just me. Since Papa calls him “Bunso” then I figured I must only be his “Ate”. But lately, I was training him to be carried like a baby. You know that one where he’s facing you up. Since he was already 5-month old when we bought him, he wasn’t used to that treatment. Now coming home isn’t the same anymore. No more Choi Choi that collapses into paroxysms of joy upon your sight. No more chanting and baby talk in that tiny voice for me. * sigh *

Dear god, please guide those who found him and lead him to good hands. Please. Because the alternative is unthinkable.

And here’s to wishing I’d stop crying whenever I remember him. =,(

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Anonymous said...

KC - I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I went through the same awhile ago and still miss my Freddy dearly. Let me know if I can do anything...