Saturday, March 14, 2009

Try Wensha

Bone-tired? Jaded? Worn-out? Exhausted? Or simply combine all of them and you’ll know what I felt this week?? Haha, just kidding. ;) Then may I suggest you come to this wonderful spa haven where ultimate relaxation is guaranteed. :)

Seen the place and heard positive remarks from it but was only able to try it for myself last Thursday in the company of my visiting colleagues where once again I was flummoxed as to where I would take them out after dinner.

Based on my observation when we were in Phuket, these guys love to pamper themselves. Well if you work hard then you gotta treat yourself right?? It’s just utterly logical. Everything was already set and we were already enduring the 30-min ride from Ortigas to Roxas Boulevard when that meddlesome hotel driver insisted on the guys going to those “bright lights” on the other side of the road. In the end, Dynah & I were left to enjoy the wellness experience which I really don’t mind for as long as the guys enjoy themselves. Btw, I just learned Dynah is reading this site. So, hi!! ;)

I thought that what sets this spa apart from the rest is their buffet meal and the 24-hr service. But there’s more. After one of the staff brought us our slippers to rest my tired feet from walking in my heels, we were led to the ladies’ locker room where Dynah & I were impressed with the sensor type locking mechanism. Even more impressive was that huge Jacuzzi with a huge flat screen TV in the center showing that soap Tayong Dalawa (which I sorely missed watching this week) and had enticed me to take a warm dip. Until I read the rules and saw the no-clothes policy (skinny dipping indeed!) and decided against it. Hahaha!! At that moment, I felt like Charlotte York in that one episode of SATC – unconfident to bare it all. :P Besides, I realized we strictly have 2 hours only before the guys pick us up and it will already pretty much consume all the service. I got a 1 hr body massage and another of foot massage. ;)

Having said about that limited time, it was also worth mentioning that you can choose to stay for as long as 12 hours in the place. Nice isn’t it? Especially for those who would like to enjoy some forty winks after the service (I’m always guilty of this, gosh I’m such a sleepyhead :P) or maybe for some of those who would like to take advantage of the food (guilty too!! Hahaha!!).

After the massage where Dynah & I shared a room, we were led to another room which is my favorite part of the spa: the feet service area. Upon entering the aroma of the oils used for the service wafts through, it’s cold and dark and you’ll love the couch with that TV on the side where you can enjoy the shows only to yourself. BIO has got me fixated on the TV screen with their feature on Paris Hilton while I was immensely enjoying the service. :D

Didn’t get to try the food (too bad) as the bosses Faizel and Tee Meng were already waiting outside. Well, my brother too. ;) Would love to take my mum and tita to that place sometime. Of course pictures not allowed but they’ve got a lot in the web. Yes, it’s an infusion of Zen and modern.

Well if there’s anything I didn’t like about the whole thing, it’s about how the workers were paid. Dynah & I were too nosy about their compensation and after hearing their sad plight we felt compelled to give a bit more for the tip. :( Sigh, life. So remember this when you try their service alright?? Have a relaxed weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

bright lights? haha.. being a good boy that I am, I'm not too sure what you're talking about. :D
How much is a 12 hr day massage in that place? I'm dying for a 12 hr pampering, or is it ladies only?
I remember getting 3 hrs massages in Thailand everyday 6 months ago, and I thought I was in paradise, 12 hrs must mean I've reach heaven.

Anonymous said...

wow?!?! good boy!! hahahaha!!!

no..max is 2 hrs only but you can stay inside til 12 know, enjoy the food or sleep..hehe..

what happened to you??? i was about to message you in facebook..been a long time already..


Anonymous said...

Maybe during night time I'll use that as my hotel room, and during the day time I'll go visit those curious bright lights you mentioned across the street.. haha

wala lang, I tried giving some of my coworkers $200.00 to cancel their vacation in September, so my trip can finally be approved, but both guys turned me down lol.. I might have to give one of them $500 lol.