Monday, March 16, 2009

Hips Don't Lie

Beyonce or should I say Sasha Fierce , I love you (I changed my name in Friendster to this and before I was using Foxxy Cleopatra as a proof). We all know you have the BODY to die for. But please, PLEASE, don't make me jealous of that hips anymore as I really know I'm lacking in that department. Please, I beg you.

my gosh, is that for reals???

Hips exercises anyone?? Sigh. But then again, you inspire me to take provocative shots (provocative daw, hahaha!!!) when I do my SSB (Secret single behavior, not that it's a secret anymore. Hahaha!!) of taking shots of myself. :P This is just all I can afford. And it features those cheap, what do they call that again?, "overrun" dress I found in Greenhills. ;)

I love that it's so easy to wear and so work appropriate. Although they made me take my shoes off this afternoon and wear those "clean room shoes" that are only allowed inside the equipments section of the client's office to troubleshoot something. :P I also love that my Tita loves the sexiness of the dress, she probably would buy those fabrics and have it copied to her tailor just like what she always does with my clothes. :)

And then again who needs hips exercises when you can have a dress that hugs your body and gives you that "shape"? Maybe just more on Pilates. Hey, I'm loving Pilates. Hahaha!!

Howdy love that music for today on the right side of the bar is Hips Don't Lie?? Hehehe.


Tisha said...

Apparently, in Beyonce's photo, hips DO lie. The Thierry Mugler gown supposedly has exaggerated hips as part of the design.

If B's publicist is to be believed.:)

kCNeSs said...

Haha!! I don't know why is there a need to that, she's already blessed in that area. :)

Thanks for the visit Tisha! :)