Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vintage KC

Whaaaaduup Facebook??? Ok, I admit that I’m kinda using it more often than Friendster. And oooh, get this; they now have nicknames for networking sites FS and FB. Yeah right! :P Well, what with the recent virus attack in FS, poser accounts ( I looked at my brother's name there must have been more than 5 fake accounts and I can't imagine Chek's) and well its their fault they didn’t quite kept up with what “the others” has got to offer, I must say it’s time to switch. FS’ getting a bit boring to look at. * yawn *

But I’m not converting 100%. Recently they just pissed me off with this survey. This unknown contact of mine, posted a poll something like Do you think KC is sexy?? And the answer was yes. The page will lead you to this link where you would know who voted as yes. Prickled with intrigue, I clicked on the link and tadddaaahh!! They will tell you that you have to do many polls about your other friends just to reveal that delicious chunk of information. DUH??? As if everybody has got that ample time in this world??? Phhhbt!!! Certainly no love from me to FB. XD

Anyways, don’t know if this became “in” or not in FB but Shiela all started posting these “old school” pictures. And what I hate about it is that when your tagged, the pic will display in your profile and BAM!! All you contacts can now see that photo. I mean, hello?? If I wanted that photo to be in my profile then I would just upload it myself thank you very much. Haha!! I’m not mad. There’s really nothing to be ashamed of that particular photo I’m talking about. Haha!! But since it’s already out, then fine! Let the whole world know about it. Wahaha!! :))

As you can see, I’m quite taken aback with this photo because I mean yes I do have hardcopy of those pics when I look like that and those photos of times when digital cameras are not yet invented and hence a shot with you flattering or not in it cannot be deleted in the film (you can just wish the film gets exposed :P) are not, I repeat, ARE NOT, meant to be put in the web. (Hello KC, what are scanners for?? Hahaha!!). Okay I already talked too much about this:

Mark, Shiela,Joan & KC

I can still remember this time. Mark and Shiela had just come back from Baguio and surprised us with the news that “Sila Na”. The four of us were walking along the walls of Intramuros after school and Joan and I can’t really look behind even if we’re discussing something with the couple behind us. The thing is, we’re not used to seeing our girlfriend with someone and outright HHWW (holding hands while walking) at the dawn of the relationship no less!! Haha! I can even remember myself joking about it,

“Ano ba yan Joan? Parang may nakahubad sa likod hindi tayo makatingin.”


But look at them now. Already married!! And look at us, me and Joanne. Sigh. I’d rather not state the obvious. Tsk!

Anyway it’s not the point. Wow, I’ve gone this far to say that it’s not my blog about. Haha!! But look at me there. Haha!!

So payatot. That time (circa 2003), I can eat that all rice you can in Tokyo Tokyo and I. DON’T. GET. FAT!! Not at all. I mean, back then I already see myself fat but in hindsight I looked malnourished. But still, I want that kind of metabolism!

So nene. Look at the face – so unadulterated by make-up. The lips – so destitute of a reddish lipstick perhaps. Haha!! I can’t pinpoint exactly what seems like a big change in what I look now.

How about you?? Let’s do it ala Perez shall we?? When I first saw KC in that photo, my reaction is _____________________________________________________________________.

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