Saturday, March 21, 2009

Praises for Tayong Dalawa

I knew it. The other one was alive. The other David Garcia Jr. Hahaha!! Not that I like Jake Cuenca. Well, slightly yes. Haha!! But among all the other things that I predicted would happen, this one came out right. I mean during the initial feature of the show, who would’ve thought that the scene where Gerald Anderson was hollering “Soldier down, soldier down!” would happen at the very first part of the show?? Amazing!! But okay let me outline first (I really love doing this!) the reasons why I love this show and let’s start with the mundane things shall we?? ;-)

1. The billboard. Haha!! I love this one below coz it’s sooooooo Princess Hours-ish. And you all know it’s one of my all-time fave Korean drama. :P

Only perhaps, a more serious one. Haha!!

2. The song. I don’t think there’s anyone who could come up with such a soulful rendition of Rey Valera’s hit like what Gary V did. Who among you wouldn’t find yourself crooning to the very first lines of the chorus right after a commercial break?? Believe me, I can’t help it myself nor my brother and not even our neighbors whom I could hear singing along with so much gusto from our 2nd floor. Haha!! It’s contagious!

3. Excellent casting. Can you believe how a roster of multi-awarded actors and actresses were all rolled into a soap?? Bravo!! I specially love how Agot Isidro shines in her role as Ingrid and how heavy the scenes are when she and Cherry Pie clashes. :P Nevermind that Eula and Jean moved to the rival station (blech!), ABS has already produced a new rivalry tandem. :) Not their loss at all. And I’m always amused in the funny scenes specially when Ingrid ridicules Marlene coz she came from a poor family. Heck, I can’t even forget that “Channel” moment when they talked about the bag. Haha!! I also like the mother-daughter tandems. What can I say? The casting is perfect! :P

4. Fast-paced. We Filipinos are ever-tired of TV dramas that prolong the same ending by introducing new characters with their own different story which I must say is still happening into some of the shows today. So this is really something refreshing. :P

5. Amazing plot. Maybe I don’t have that director’s instinct like some of my friends where they could see things coming but I didn’t expect that the two lead guys would not be mortal enemies when they found out they were brothers or that Baron (current villain) would die a little early in the show and that new kontrabidas will come along and so on and so forth. This show is bloody brilliant!

Kudos to ABS for producing this hit! I hope that this would also come successful and penetrate other countries like how foreign soaps are so “in” to us. I’m so glad that even though there were times that I would miss an episode, there are a lot of fanatics that upload it to the web. :P And they’re fast, I must say. So, for those of you missed this week’s happenings, you can always depend Youtube or Happy viewing! Hehe. :P

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