Sunday, March 22, 2009

Clumsy Channeling Cameron

Well, Cameron Diaz told me she’s sick of the dress so she handed it down to me.

WAHAHA!! Dream on!! As if I’ve got her size! And look at those gams!! Oohh, just to have ‘em. It’s perfection!! :) And I'll take a mental note to wear it with red lipstick and nude pumps the next time. ;)

I SOOOOOOO LOVE the dress!! Haha!! I found it just last week in a local shop and I know it’s kinda party-ish but it’s too pretty just to sit in my overloaded closet so I glam-ed up last Friday. Besides I’m meeting my posse for a quick lunch meeting. ;-) And up to now I still wonder why everybody at work brands me as party girl??? Haha!

Makati 12:30 PM. Gosh, I really really really wish I would be able to memorize this place one day. As in really!! It’ll save me all the time from getting lost, the additional expenses from the cab from finding our way around and the fine lines because of the irritation to the driver who doesn’t know the place as well. Ugh! You often hear me complaining about time recently, well it’s something about work. But I’ll save it up for another story. :)

And for the clumsy portion,

“You got me trippin’, stumblin’, flippin’, fumblin’”

So okay while I was at a lost in an underpass in Makati looking for a security guard to ask for directions, I saw that same familiar handsome face greeting me with a smile. I squeezed him in the agenda since he’s just around the area for a quick hello. He volunteered to accompany me to where I was going. With my heels click-clacking in the pavement and without quite meaning to, I gave him my laptop bag and gave me this weird look as if it’s not appropriate. Silly me explained,

“Masisira ung sequins ng damit ko.” Pointing to the sequins in the black portion of my dress’ shoulder, I said trying to be sassy but cute. Haha!! Then we carried on with the conversation,

“Bat ka ba kasi naliligaw sa Makati?”

“Eh kasi nga sabi nila ditto muna mag-meet sa Krispy Kreme tapos lumipat sila sa……….AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! (All in one breath, haha!)

I tripped. IN. MY. DRESS!! While walking along Makati!! OMG!! Not so fab!!

Scenes from before came flashing back, whenever this happens; he will always tease me about it,

“Oh. Ilang isda nahuli mo?” (How many fish did you catch?)

I was waiting for him to say that. But none. But of course, things have changed. So to save myself, I turned around and smiled to whomever saw me when that embarrassing thing happened, turned sideway to him and made a big whip on his right arm then blurted out loud for them to hear,

“Tinulak mo ko!” (How dare you push me?!)

HAHAHA. Geese, sometimes I can really be mean!! Hahaha!! And we chortled about it. HAHAHA!!! Well before, he would gladly offer to take my hands and put it in his arms for a better grip and I better start before all these kilig feelings wash over me. :P

When we finally reached my friends, he walked with us some more before he said goodbye to go back in his office.

I was recalling the scenario to this girlfriend of mine. And I think she’s the one to be blamed for this (hahaha!!); because she gave this conclusion that we’re physically matched just like what everybody before use to say. She also kept me bugging the whole time with these “what if” questions. * rolls eyes *

Suddenly I had this epiphany. I may not be that adept walking in those heels or whatever but I can really manage well thank you very much. And I realized that, the tripping scenario only when I'm with this particular guy. Matter of fact, even with a wedge or a flats on before, the stumbling still happens. Yes it’s true.

So if I’m going to carry on with this stuff ala Carrie Bradshaw,

“Some people can tell if they already meet the one. It’s like those in the movies, having hiccups after that accidental kiss, feeling like raising their right leg during a kiss”…err why are my examples all about kissing? Coz it just means I really don’t believe it myself oh wait I just thought of another one “butterflies in your stomach. To others they just simply shrug it off and say you’ll just know it. So I couldn’t help but wonder, (insert the question here)” Hahaha!! Gosh, I’m really taking this Carrie thing so seriously. Am I? :P

But no. Unlike Carrie, I will not come up with something about this. Maybe in a different time, this will mean running back to him and delivering this line ala Julia Roberts:

“"Look, I guarantee that we'll have tough times. And I guarantee that at some point, one or both of us will want to get out of this thing. But I also guarantee that if I don't ask you to be mine I'll regret it for the rest of my life. Because I know in my heart, you're the only one for me."

LOL!! Me doing that? It will send me ROFL. Hahaha!!

But no, it’s different now. Things are more complicated now. In fact I can justify that epiphany with a lot of explanations why the tripping thing happens when I'm with him and don't dare me coz I could come up with a list. :P So to finally put an end to all these, after all my nerves were already in perpetual overdrive last week coz of work, let me just say that I was glad seeing him again, that our Palawan trip was finally settled and I got away with all my tasks last Friday at work. :)

And allow me to change my song of the week in this blog to Clumsy. Hahaha!!

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