Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Woman's Right To Shoes

As the month of March comes to a close, I can’t help but be proud of myself when it comes to my finances. A quick review of my expenses this month revealed that I spent wisely for my “luxuries”. What an irony eh?? But here’s why.

Another reason to love this mammoth-sized feet of mine is for scoring shoes-es on sale. Remember the time I was in “hiatus mode” (aka can’t think of anything to post mode hehe), I busied myself on emptying items in my room. I made a quick trip to Divisoria to look for some things that will help me out clear space in mah room and discovered the little wonder that a shoe rack can bring. With it, I was able to eliminate about 20 boxes of flats (everything heeled are still kept in their houses) and managed to squeeze them all in that blue zippered chamber. What I didn’t expect is that I would gain 6 new boxes for this month. Haha!

These 6 ladies of mine were all very well spent. Coz here’s the thing: all of them are from fairly expensive brands but none of them costs something more than Php 600. Everything was actually bought about 3-5 times lower than their original prices. Fun isn’t it? Haha!

You actually wouldn’t believe the first encounter on CMG. It just so happened that I was early for the gym one Saturday afternoon and decided to roam the mall first. I didn’t know there was a mall-wide sale ongoing and I was like saying to myself “This is a sign! I haven’t spent for weeks now and maybe I could find something today.” So I went to the said shoe shop and saw two racks on the left and right that were obviously put up for the sale.

Check left rack. Oops, none in here. Feeling a bit successful. Right rack. Oh why, almost all of the shoes fit in here! Now let me just say, I love it when there are big sizes in display. I didn’t have to wait for the saleslady to fetch a pair for me and see if I would like the fit. Haha! So I found the beige ones and asked for the pair. I saw the price it’s 999.

I tried it on. Nice! Then I thought 999? That’s quite expensive. I mean, I scored a Janylin pumps 3 weeks ago for 300 pesos only. (Hahaha!! OMG!! I can’t believe my way of thinking myself!! Something has really changed!! Hahaha!!) But hey, I already asked for the pair and it would be a shame to turn the saleslady down. I was looking for those mannequins who would shake their head no and applaud me for my decision. (Hahaha!! Shopaholic movie?? Haha!!) But there’s none. Obviously, this is a shoe shop come on you moron. Haha!! Besides it was payday and I was ready to give myself a little treat. So I went back to the rack and saw this cute black flats and put them on. I asked for the other pair since I thought that this might be worth for the 999 since my black flats is already pretty worn-out. Who needs another high heels? I’ve already lots of them.

I had a hard time picking between the two pairs. The beige open-toe is a heeled shoe with a style that I don’t have yet but the black pair also is soooo comfortable it felt like it's nuzzling my feet. In spite of myself, I was willing to spend for ONE and ONLY ONE pair of shoes. (Can you believe this?? OMG, sooooo not KC!! Hahaha!!)

After a careful consideration of the pros and cons (hahaha!!), the beige one won. After all, I still have a black shiny flats back at home.

“Miss, sige yung beige na lang!” Letting out a huge SIGH while looking at the other shoe. * sniff *

“Ay ma’am hindi po pwede. 2 for 999 po ung promo. Nagtataka nga po ako bakit nahihirapan kayong pumili.”

I turned my head to the sign and read it clearly. Yun naman pala! Haha!! Ang shunga-shunga kasi hindi nagbabasa! Hahaha!! Moral lesson: Read the signs next time. Hahaha!! So that’s how I got away with the two pairs.

And the other two pairs was history. But PS, it’s in a different mall. * wink wink *

I got the title from one of the episodes of Sex and the City. Remember the time when Carrie lost her Manolo Blahniks in a party?? And she was “shoe-shamed” by the owner for living an extravagant lifestyle. In the end she got her Blahniks back by announcing a marriage to herself. :P Clever! Hehe. I loved, loved, loved how she ended it.

“The fact is, sometimes it’s hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun.”

Soooooooo TRUE!
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Anonymous said...

You forgot the option that says "KC is crazy and she has too many shoes already" :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha!! very funny Will!! hey, ur laptop is okay now?

- KC

Anonymous said...

wtf.. i didn't post that. lol

Wil.. laptop=fubar.. aka fucked up beyond all recognition.

btw I'm shopping for an LV belt for a friend of mine.. I was assuming I could get her a belt for under 250 dollars.. turns out I'd probably just pay a quarter of that with that money.. I wish I was in greenhills right now LOL.


Anonymous said...

really now? you didn't? haha!!

why? waht happened to the laptop?

i dont think they have that too many LV belts in Greenhills...hmmm...why do u shop for her?????????


Anonymous said...

just the screen is crack in the middle.. doh!

why do i shop for her.. hmm.. good question..
answer is, next question lol.