Monday, June 04, 2007

One Sunday Affair

On her: White Ruffled dress, Plains & Prints; White Stiletto, Charles & Keith; White Leather Bag, Guess; Bracelet type Watch, Guess Timepieces; Dangling Pearl Earrings, Hand-me-down from mom

So this affair is supposed to be for green taffeta dress but won’t you just look at that? So fab! :D (Or must I say glamorous? People just keep on asking me to pursue a modeling career and some oh, I'm all embarassed now, mistook me for some celebrity. *flushes*) Going back, for sure there will be other events for me to wear that, and it’s still an investment nonetheless! A wide smile plasters on my face as I read the caption. Ok, ok. I know I’m forgetting something just like those in the magazines as you may notice, the price right? But please, spare me with that. I’m already utterly pleased with how the caption went. ;) (except for the earrings though, I wish they were antique :D)

Anyway, as I stepped out of the car some pseudo-paparazzi took shots of me:

So I realized, I had to pull-off a nice pose,

I really think I look skinny in here

I'm so impressed with my ensemble that later that night, and because I'm such a cam whore also:


1 comment:

Nivek said...

Without the glasses looks better. They don't seem to really go with this outfit and hid your eyes. Definitely loose the glasses with this dress yeah definitely. I better stop coz I'm starting to sound like Rainman :(