Saturday, January 31, 2009

8 for '08

One month late I know. ^^ This is usually the post where you'll expect heavy collages. Hehe. :P
1) Travelogue. Sorry naman for making it such a biggie. It's just that well, I worked hard for it. :-p As always if you have ample time, you can start it all here. ;-)

the justice-loving side of me dictates that I should come up with a picture for this since each bullet has one so I searched for that!! Very brilliant of me, nyahaha!!!

2) Lem. I can definitely say it was my brother's year. He scored a lot of lead role in TVCs and just recently his Voice Combo Sandwich "Zipper mo bukas" is making a comeback. :)

Voice/ McDo/Master Eskinol

3) Samsung Events. Aaah yes! The glamorous moments and rubbing elbows with celebs - very memorable indeed!! But of all those, I specially love the Samsung Ultimate Race and all the exposure that came along with that. Hehehe.

Soul/ Roadshow/ Ultimate Race/ Garden of SINS

4) Dancing. I'll never thought I'd fall for it even more. :) Thanks to Fitness First. Of course with it came the pledge to lead a healthy lifetstyle and gaining more friends. Kite kite being one of them. :)

As for this one, the cam whore me swears that this year I'm going to have a very "astig" picture of me while dancing!! Haha!! KC in action!! Wahaha!! :D

5) Friends/Gimmicks. More friends meant more people to hang out with. Late last year you saw a lot of party girl KC - atleast somehow I lived up to everybody's first impression on me. Duh?!?! *rolls eyes* Atleast not the hard core type, just simply enjoying Fridays. ^^

Me with different gimmick buddies :)

Reunited with some friends that might take a long time for me to see again,

Mae/ Mark/ Tyts and JT

6) Travel. Sentosa/Melaka and another round of Singapore before the year ends. Of course I can't miss out Quezon during the early part of the year and surviving Sagada!!

7) S.O. - Such a blessing (or is it really such?? haha!!). I hope to stay long in my new company. :)

8) Fashion statements. So do I really have to make this as the finale?? Hahaha!!! Last year saw a lot of yellows/mustard, trench coats, vests, high-waisted everything etc. etc. These are just some of the get-ups. ^^

So far having a great '09. May it continue for the rest of the year. :)

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