Thursday, April 12, 2007

Random Things

Hello Philippines and Hello Blog World!!

It’s now only day 3 in my new work and I just have to scratch the itch on giving you some recaps on how my week has been since my last entry. Some random factoids article that is just ubiquitous in each and every blog, the mundane things in my ho-hum life:

1. I officially started for my new work somewhere in Greenhills last Tuesday, April 10. The 1st day was almost surreal, I felt like one more good thing and I’m going to be sick. The next day I woke up with high spirits but day 2 turned out to be toxic and exhausting and all…Day 3’s highlight is on being eyed by a talent scout from a modeling agency while touring the warehouse. There will be a product roadshow tomorrow @ Rockwell. Some models and celebrity were here earlier and I think they still lack one. Wahaha!

2. My brother’s ABE commercial is already out. And what better way to catch it than on the G-liner bus I’m now starting to get a hang of for work. D’oh! Gotta catch the billboard ‘coz that’s more wow. (Just one more mention of him and this can already be considered his blog, haha!!!)

3. Last Tuesday, the dinner was spent with my Intel friends for life Lisa, Myk and Xtian @ National Sports Grill, Greenbelt; which eventually turned out to be National Drama Grill for Lisa and National Fun Grill for the rest of us. Haha! Have you ever referred to by anyone as his/her most favorite person? Awww..Being treated as a friend is one, but being a favorite is another. And for that, I will for the life of me remember him. Thanks Myk! It really touches me no end.

4. My ex-crush Fil-Am Timmy whom I fancied during the early years of my college life suddenly out of the blue texted me last Tuesday after lost count of years of no communication and not to mention asking me to hang-out with him.*gush* I have a new crush-slash-prospect too, it’s Joy’s cousin whom I met during the wake in Quezon province. Gorgeous bod, that is! Haha! Talkin’ bout 5 blinking hearts in lovelife section of my astrology. Wehehe..

5. I’m tapping into my inner dork side. Been reading a lot lately not just books and manuals for work (technical and those for self-development, geek geek geek) but devouring also on some short novels that are Cosmo-advised. Expect eyeglasses soon. *insert eye-rolling here*

6. Rainy days are here again. Tee-hee.

7. There were some late realizations too. Here goes:

a. That the best way to cure exhaustion from work is still shopping. Been missing the mall for a week now and finally yesterday splurged on some corporate and a gimik attire both on sale. And I have to say, the latter one is certainly a STEAL!!

b. That it’s been weeks now that I’m Mary-Kate-ing myself. Been loosing appetite on foods lately and I can’t help it. ( And I am actually worried, promise.)

c. That I do have a jinx. Someone who’s screwing everything up just when things are going fine and dandy. It’s my fault though but I will start to avoid him from now on.

d. That I have a pile of notes to post in here but network back at work blocks this site. ( I was expecting restrictions on Friendster only, duh!) I miss my IBM laptop but the replacement is more kick-ass! Yeah! Can’t wait for it.

e. That while I was jotting this, I’m only expecting outlines per number (hence, the bulleted pattern) but outlines eventually turns out to paragraphs. It seems that I’ve been blabbering a lot lately. (Point positively taken since it suggests I’m thinking a lot too.) *wink*

And that's all folks. Expect me to make a sense out of these in the upcoming journals. =)

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