Friday, April 06, 2007

Good News and Bad News

Good News:

Around 9 PM of Wednesday night, I arrived home and was patting Casper's head on the doorstep (sympathizing for his friend's lost) when suddenly I felt a furry, fluffy and feathered thingy encircling my legs. Ahaha. Choi Choi is back. I was right. No shed tears for he wasn't lost after all. I'm so happy I carried him right away and played with him on the sofa. űűű

Bad News:

Later that night I leared that his return cost us some thousand bucks. And I was right too, those schmucks!! It's a sort-of kidnapping or should I say dognapping incident..Grrr!! We're victims.

Ad just so you know, because of what happened? Choi Choi is now the most popular pup in the neighborhood. How 'bout that? Hihihi... űűű

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