Thursday, May 03, 2007

War of Nerves

Location: Infront of the mirror, Ritratto’s dressing room, while fitting the green dress.


Oh no you won’t. Number one, the fabric. It closely resembles that thing in formal gowns. It's taffeta. Meaning, you can only use it for “Hey!-look-at-me-I’m-Avant-Garde occasions.” ‘Til then, you can just use it as a nice decoration in your closet. Now onto the details. Ruffles? Sure, it’s in the trend. Ruffles in green? Ahhhh, cute. Bubble skirt in green? Nice also. But ruffled top plus bubble skirt, in green? I’m quite nervous. It’s just too flamboyant. I’ll give it 2 months before that number disappears in the oblivion that is painfully dated fashion. Simply put, this number is not an investment that can go forever. KC, are you even listening?


Oh yes I will. That's precisely my point. I didn’t buy this just to be a regular Sunday dress. I’m very well aware that it’s a runway dress. Haute couture for crying out loud sake! And please don’t give me that look. The PM dress we bought costs twice as much as this, remember? Besides, haven’t we wished before to have a certain dress that we can pass onto our granddaughters? This can be it! Trust me. We can pull this off nicely. I already have an upcoming occasion for this. And you and I will just SIMPLY. LOOK. POSH! *smug*

Takes off the dress, proceeds to the counter, pays the bill, takes the paper bag and goes off.


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