Thursday, January 01, 2015

2014 - The Recap

2013 - last year. To be honest, I was too heartbroken to be doing this recap.

It was a good one too especially when it comes to traveling. Shame, I allowed the convenience of apps (Flipagram, I'm looking at you) to do the non-verbal recap.

However late, it's here. My photo recap for 2014. This year, I saw a lot of firsts and opportunities for me. I added the links so I know how lazy I was when it comes to blogging this year (haha!) and just in case you missed it. =P

Fitness. 2014 has been my fittest year so far (see the wheel photo by the beach, lol!). I always think it was the time when I finished the Insanity program but nope. Combined with the help of a personal trainer at the start of the year and REALLY healthy-eating, I was able to do it. As I said before, I don't usually weigh but by chance I was able to look at the numbers and shed a total of 8lbs from last year. =)

Family. I included my family in the pic. That was my parent's anniversary - something that is not posted here because too be honest I haven't been updating this much (yay!) and because of course I value them so much. There's also my now 6-month old niece in the collage and our favorite picture. =)

Travel. Japan and seeing the cherry blossoms of course would have to be the most memorable and going back to Singapore. There were also the local trips like surfing in Baler (finally being able to stand in the board) and the breathtaking Camiguin. I'm still determined to see a new country this year. =)

Work. I posted a profile photo used for the website of my new teaching company. I have moved somewhere September and will terribly miss my students from the old school. But it's time to meet new ones. =)

Friends. And possible lovers? (Upper right pic). We will see. =P

Passion. Okay, so I guess this is mostly the highlight of 2014. There were just a lot of opportunities that came my way. 

- There is of course the instructor training for Fitness First and being able to perform in a crowd. See here.
- Experiencing for the first time how it's like to "model". I don't want to use the word but it's just a one-time thing so please excuse me this time. =)
- Early this year, I had a chance to do some styling work for the pre-nup of a friend as seen here. I was able to meet a lot of talents - seriously you should look at Benjie Tiongco's photography. 
- The modeling gig gave me a chance to do some styling project in collaboration with the photographers I met there. I haven't blogged about it yet but because it happened late this year and I am still waiting for the pics. Yay!
- Styleblogging. I saw an increase in numbers in my WearToday to an almost 1k this year and an improved numbers as well in my other blog here. Let's see where this styleblogging would take me. =)

Happy 2015!!!

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