Friday, April 18, 2014

Styling Work for An E-Sesh


Sunshine, smiles, laughter and romance - I didn't know how fun an engagement session can be prior to that day.  And I was more than happy to be a part of the team.  So to finally answer the question of my purpose of coming to Subic last February, the answer is this - I was the appointed stylist of my friend Joy. :)

It was a very exciting and fun experience altogether.  I was more than happy to put on my "sartorial hat" and offer ideas for the couple's photoshoot themes. Yes we all know that it's about celebrating love and that having an e-sesh even in your most casual clothes is mighty fine but it wouldn't hurt as well to play dress-up like for example, being cowboys and cowgirls. =)

I'm sorry but I just simply had to say how lovely and adorable my friend is here.  She looks like a doll!  And I'm proud of my work.  Haha!  Subic is where both the couple grew up so it really is a special place. :)

For the semi-formal session, I helped pick my friend's dress and of course incorporated my trademark accessories into her.  Haha!  Does this scene look familiar?  I was really impressed with the photographer's eye for spotting this place inside the ranch.  And I wish I could share most of his amazing captures but the wedding is yet on May and only a limited stills are allowed to be shown. :P

For the formal shoot, we rented a yacht and took shots during the sunset.  How utterly dreamy.  Sigh.  And I'm in awe of Benjie Tiongco's works.  

What can I say???  We had a great team!  So honored to have met wonderful people.  The lovely make-up artist Dey Caisip (IG: deycaisip) and of course Benjie Tiongco himself.  I wish I could work again in the future with them - as a professional stylist perhaps? Haha!  Sharing some of the BTS shots:

Caption this, the bored director?  Lol!

The Stylist's accessories! ;)

Again, at the end of the day, it's all about the celebration of love.  The forever and ever, let's grow old together love that remains well after an e-sesh or wedding day comes and goes.  And as I 3rd-wheel myself into the couple's room that night, I just know that I clearly saw that love and I couldn't be any happier for my friend after knowing what she went through.  Sigh.  I should end this post before I get all mushy on this.  I will reserve my words for some toast on their wedding day on May.  Haha! <3 :="" font="">

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