Wednesday, March 05, 2014

El Kabayo


I know I promised that I'm gonna start blogging about Dubai but I just have to squeeze in this ranch visit during our stay in SBYC, sort of a prelude to the #fashionfriday post that once again, I promised (and failed) to blog weeks ago.  

Actually guys I was there for a shoot.  Look!  Isn't this area beautiful?  I mean, who'd expect such a spot in a ranch?  Only a good photographer.  I was really impressed!

I like this candid too.  But I'm gonna admit now guys, no I didn't model that day.  LOL!

Of course it's a ranch.  You go there for horseback riding.

But I was in a leopard kimono and no I didn't ride a horse.  So what did I do there?  You'll learn on Friday. :))