Saturday, November 29, 2014

Show What You've Got - The Event


The Retropop event last Saturday entitled Show What You've Got was successful, yay! It was held at North Greenhills Clubhouse. Sharing some of the pics here. =)

The instructors and trainees before the show:

The Girlies during the break. Our theme was obviously party like a rockstar and here's what our group came up with:

A grabbed pic of us in action. The one at the center is Kuya Jo. He is the head instructor of Fitness First's Retropop class. He used to choreograph the Sexbomb dancers of a noontime show. The steps are obvious in one of our dance presentation videos below. Haha.

Co-trainee lurhve (From left to right - that's Clark, Me, Richard, Mara, Mitch, Lura, Borj and Jherwyn)

A solo pic:

There were other performances from the members of different clubs too. Yes, the competitive spirit was there with some club even hiring a premiere dance group in PH to choreograph their song but more than that, it's all about giving everyone a good show. And that's why I love this class. It's definitely more than just a fitness group exercise in the gym. It's a huge family of people who love music and are passionate about dancing. =)

Here's a preview of a new release song in Retropop in the coming months =)

Timehop just reminded me of the same event that occurred last year where I was just a participant. What a difference it makes that this year I was already part of the show. It was truly an exciting experience and here's more to these kind of events in the future. =) 

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