Saturday, July 12, 2014

Happy Tummy


Have you heard that saying "Abs are made in the kitchen?"  It's true.  I'm a convert. Six months of clean eating (I only touched french fries once!!!) and I'm so satisfied with the results! I know I already posted the pics in Camiguin post but a lot of people noticed the weight loss so I wanted to share the more. =P I believe this is quite an achievement and to be honest I am really happy about the improvement in the tummy area. 

After some back injury earlier this year, I decided to take it easy in the weightlifting department.  I had to stop attending Body Pump in the gym (*sob) but still do my regular cardio workouts. I also availed the service of a physical trainer to maintain the muscles.  When I showed him the pics, he's also impressed with that dare I say, upper pack? Haha!  I just don't know what happened on the lower one.  Lol!

I think that this physique is even better than post Insanity workout as posted here two years ago?  What do you think? Haha!  The benefit of this technique is that if you maintain self-discipline in food intake, you save a lot of time and effort in the gym.  So what does clean eating mean for me? Well, I just had to simply give up processed foods as much as possible. It taught me to do my grocery every weekend for my packed lunch at work for the next workweek.  My groceries would often include greens and veggies (broccoli, okra, chayote (???), eggplant, etc) and fruits (apple, avocado, lemons).  Before I stopped eating rice but now it's okay with brown/ red rice. There were times when I'd just munch on banana and eggs for snack at work because I couldn't find anything healthier. :P  I make sure to remember oatmeals and cereals too.  I indulge myself during breakfast and when I crave for chocolates, I grab the dark ones. Hehe. :)

So there, those are just some of my diet tips.  Clean eating is fun especially in that part when you realize you no longer crave those bad food that you used to eat a lot before. :) But I still recommend going to the gym of course because it's more fun. Hehe. =)

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