Saturday, April 21, 2012

Insanity Workout


Yes, let's get crazy!!

For one and a half month prior to my beach trips, I subjected myself into some seriously sweat-inducing, stamina challenging,  killer workout exercise.  The warm up alone already leaves you gasping for breath and by the end of the work-out, you're so sore you just wanna crawl after the stretch.  LOL!!  In short, this workout is just downright EVIL!!!  I'm used to doing back to back exercises in the gym but I don't think the intensity is equivalent to a day's training in this program.  Sooo hardcore!!  Well, the program's name lived up to it's meaning.  Truly insane! 0_0

You see I don't really avail the PT service in the gym.  My reasoning is, when I was studying I didn't need anyone to tutor or coach me so now that I'm all grown up, why would I seek someone's help when it comes to my very own body? =P  Vouching to the effectiveness of this program doesn't really mean I'm dissing the gym's contribution to my physique.  Those back to back or even three kinds of group exercises class a day were all helpful when it comes to endurance training.  But just like any other conscious beach goers who put extra effort at the beginning of the year to make them more "summer-ready", I had to try something different this time.  After initially hearing about this workout from my friend's brother who served in the US army and followed up by Tisha's blog, I decided to give it a go.  For the last two months, I rarely went to the gym and just focused on this at home.  Here's a preview:

It was a two month program but like I said I was two weeks short. But nevertheless, I'm satisfied with the result.  In their DVD blurbs, they promise to change your body from regular to ripped. :P  Well, certainly I'm not ripped yet but I'm happy as to the way it trimmed/ flattened my tummy - my main concern.  You see, I and my brother have this habit every morning in the mirror.  That is, to raise our shirts and check our "abs".  The only difference is, he's got some packs and I don't.  Hahaha!!!  But for the last weeks, I was happy with what I was seeing in the mirror.  It was so much different than before. ;-)

And for this result, I resolved not to buy new swimsuits for this year and just compare photos from the previous to the present. :P  When I told my friend Ali about how I still need to work out some more, he replied "Ano ba yan KC, magpasalamat ka na lang!"  Hahaha!! I guess there will be really no point of satisfaction. :P  I used to inhale for bikini photos, but here not anymore! ;-)

In Boracay polka dot swimwear from Tomato; Kuta Beach wearing M&S bikini;
our villa in Bali in an Esprit bikini 

Because of some changes in my work set-up recently (will blog in the future), I admit that I somehow lost that amazing feeling everytime I check myself in the mirror every morning.  And the thing with Insanity is, it's so effective that I prefer doing it at home than in the gym.  Tsk!  

So are you ready to get crazy??  Then start getting your own copies now. :)


Tisha said...

Ang saya di ba? Try mo rin ang Asylum.:D

CaseyCakes said...

Wow, may bagong recommendation! hahaha! Sige will look for it. ;-)