Thursday, April 19, 2012

D'Wall Climbing (Boracay)


Whoever said you can't climb in a skirt?  And in a long, green and sheer one that is.  Hahaha!!  When we passed by D'Mall in Boracay, I was wearing the said skirt which I got from Bangkok.  It was the last day and I can't let the opportunity pass by simply by  walking back all the way to the accommodation in Station 3 just to change.  I've always wanted to try this activity and yes, just like scuba diving, it was my absolute first to do this - and in Boracay.  ;-)  

Ate said (the one with nice arm muscles on the left *envious*) I can do it by raising the skirt up like in the photo below.  O diba, the wall matches my skirt. :))  And so no further motivation needed.  I finished the easy wall (green) in less than three minutes I guess.  Piece of cake! Hahaha!!

They challenged me to try the one on the right, it's a moderate one and I accepted it.  LOL!!  And the left and right photo below summarizes what happened.

I lost count how many times I fell and shouted "I can't do it!" while climbing.  :))  But I do remember sweating buckets and concentrating heavily on where I should put my limbs next.  I don't have an idea how long it took me to finish it but it sure felt like I worked out a 30-minutes cardio exercise while doing it. :))  My arms and legs were shaking after and the strain remained for two days or so.  Bloody wall climbing.  LOL!!!  But  I enjoyed it nevertheless!! ;-)

Here's a short clip of my "Spiderwoman" moves captured before the camera prompted memory shortage.  Uuuuugh!!!  Enjoy!! =D

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