Monday, April 16, 2012

Batang Ama Ending

And the show had ended (even before they listened to my petition to change the timeslot to primetime, lolz!).  Well, that's what they usually do if the afternoon ratings  are up right? :P

It wasn't surprising why they were number one TV drama in the afternoon.  The plot of a teenage father taking care of his son in the city is not your typical Filipino drama.  I'm not so knowledgeable about all kinds of TV dramas in the Philippines but atleast it didn't belong to protagonist-grew-up-in-a-poor-family-finds-real-parents-in-the-end category.  =P And I was really impressed with how very natural Angelito is (JM De Guzman) in his role as a father and in general how good he is as an actor.  I also like the close association of "taga-looban" as what they would call it in the TV drama. :)  Most of their scenes are light and always full of humor, just exactly where my brother fits. :))  Here are they with Ms Elizabeth Oropesa, so cute photo :)

Lem wants to say thank you for patronizing the said show.  :)

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