Friday, April 13, 2012

Bali Beads


Do you remember this pleated dress I posted sometime December?  When I was in Bali, I found the perfect cover-up for it for occasions that require modest dressing. :P And it came in - BEADS!  My oh my, Joan and I went gaga over that beads shop in Ubut market, we can't decide about the color and style of beads that we wanna buy!! :))

Last week, I was able to wear it and nevermind that "pasan ko ang daigdig" ang drama ng beads coz it was too heavy but I really love it. ;-)  Too bad I wasn't able to get a decent solo shot of it.  This was the last photo with my dearest brother before the battery ran out. :(

Talking about my brother, please don't forget to watch their last episode of Angelito: Batang Ama today.  Awwww, I'm gonna miss the actual airing time (actually I haven't seen a single scene of this week's episodes because I was too busy) but I'll catch up on it thru some online sites. :)

Have a fashionable weekend everyone. :)

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