Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Lace Pencil Skirt


One of my favorites - a lace skirt I got from Topshop. 50% off! :))

A.  Toned Down with a Tee.  My brother's V-neck tee to be specific.  One of those days where I just felt like toning it down.  Accessorized with this rosette necklace I got from Bangkok.  

B.  Color-blocked with a scalloped top.  IT's one of my favorite color-blocking top! Added a cobalt blazer slung over the shoulders for some oomph! ;)

C.  Super formal with Lace on Lace. I don' know but for me it's important to start a working Monday right.  So I kind of made an effort to finally wear this combo I thought about months ago.  This is actually a lace dress from Mango (see Instagram: cassey_cakes).  I was satisfied with the effect. :)

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